Using SNES Controllers on NES

So you have a box of broken Nintendo controllers under your bed. Or maybe you like the feel of the Super Nintendo controllers better. Either way, this may be a project you want to do: Convert your Super Nintendo Controller so it plays on your NES system. Sound tough? Well it's not. The Warp Zone is not held reliable for any problems/damages this procedure causes. Use at your own risk.

  • 1 Working SNES Controller
  • 1 Connector Off Of A NES Joypad
  • 1 Screwdriver (regular)
  • Time

    Take your Super NES joypad and pry open the connector using the screwdriver or maybe an ice pick. Keep the wires in the connector and open the Nintendo connector in the same fashion. Switch the wires over from the Nintendo connector to the Super NES connector one by one - each slot in the connector is numbered from 1-7 - replace # 1 from the Super NES connector with #1 from the NES connector. Close the NES connector which should have the wires from the Super NES controller and now your Super NES controller plays on your NES.