Color Dreams Presents: NINDRAW

Original NindrawAccording to multiple Color Dreams workers, during the year of 1989 Color Dreams had this hard to use program entitled Nindraw which they used for churning out graphics for their unlicensed Nintendo games. This program involved using the Nintendo joypad to sourt through colors, etc. Finally cool dude Ken Beckett designed up an easy to use DOS version of Nindraw.

Ken was in the process of designing levels for his Crystal Mines game when Dan Lawton asked for him to design up a newer graphics program. Ken agreed and as a result Ken designed very few Crystal Mines stages. Just to clarify things, "Any similarity between the title of this program and a popular home game console manufactured by a big, mean Japanese company is purely coincidence." And Nindraw was not named for graphics designer Nina Stanley (then Bedner) either.

NindrawNow this newer Nindraw program, well it is alot easier to use than the older version. Nindraw works like this. You create .drw and .vid files which are your graphics files. You can also create a .vrw file id needed. You then use another program, Draw2asm, to turn your .vid files into text files. You then have to assemble all of your text files and such. Last but not least you have to add a special Color Dreams header. Actually the process is alot harder then I make it sound, but it's just a brief I'm giving you.