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My most sincere apologies...
I only discovered tonight (19/11/03) that Angelfire have changed the style of their ads, and the current embedded style seems to cancel out the java-based navigation bar I've been using. Since I'm currently working fairly long hours, I'm not certain when I'll next get a chance to work on the site and fix this problem, but I will make an attempt to put a temporary navigation system in place before the end of this weekend.
With any luck, I'll be able to find a new server before the new season begins next year, but don't worry, the address won't change. Thank goodness for cjb addresses...one less thing to worry about! Still, please be patient and come back again after this weekend (maybe try Friday night ;) ) and we'll see how we go from there. Again, my most profuse apologies.

Update - As you can see, I have a new navigation system up and running. It should do for now. The site was due for a revamp over the break anyway, so in the process I'll see if I can find somewhere new to put it, too. Thanks for your patience!

Update - Life's getting in the way of the site, I'm afraid...and to my great frustration, half the ideas I've used on this site are now duplicated or bettered by the official site. If I get a chance, there'll be an overhaul, but I'm still debating whether or not it's worth putting in the effort. We'll see how things go.

Welcome to The Unofficial Glass House Website!

Just like the show, this site is constantly under development, so you'll have to excuse the occasional missing bits and pieces. Work is always in progress!
If you spot anything amiss, please email me and let me know so I can fix it.

For updates, taping reviews, or if you want to comment on the show and talk to other fans, visit our Message Board

Customary Disclaimer, even though it never makes much of a difference. The word "Unofficial" in the title of this site should give it away, but I have to make it clear, this site is NOT affiliated with the show in any way, it's just my fansite to the show. There is apparently an official site in development for this year, so hopefully it's appearance will clear things up.

12/02/04 - Welcome to 2004, and The Glass House returns to ABC TV tomorrow night, Friday 13th of February. News has come to light that there will indeed be four shows taped in Melbourne during the Comedy Festival, and upcoming guests for the next few months include Adam Hills, Adam Spencer, Akmal Saleh, Megan Gale, Lee Mack and lots more! There are still "rumours" of a possibly dvd, but it seems to definately be a project on the backburner, with attention focussed firmly on the show itself, and possible touring. The 100th Episode is coming up soon, and will be one of the shows recorded in Melbourne. Melbourne-based fans of the show, keep your eyes out for the Comfest Guide and ticket information, fans from elsewhere, keep an eye on VirginBlue in case they have another one of this ludicrously cheap flight sales ;)

13/11/03 - The final two shows for 2003 were filmed tonight. But never fear, The Glass House will be returning in 2004, with a forty episode season planned. There will almost certainly be more Melbourne shows, possibly Adelaide shows and, if they're very lucky and the ABC finds some money down the back of the couch, maybe even a Brisbane show or two!

30/10/03 - Only one taping left after tonight's, so there's only four more shows to air this season. Make sure you make your voice heard, whether that means contacting the ABC to tell them how much you love the how, or writing to your local paper, or tv week, if you want to see the show come back next year.
Those who were impressed by Pinky Beecroft's last appearance on the show will not be disappointed by tomorrow night's show. No alpacas, but an evil horse did rate a mention. And those with sensitive stomachs will be relieved to know that while, yes, Adam Spencer did drop his pants during the second show, it was off camera, and only half of the audience could see the mirror he was facing at the time...although Adam didn't seem to notice it until someone mentioned it to him afterwards.

16/10/03 - Even those of you who coped with Wil's appearance last week may be in for a bit of a shock with the next two shows. Parents, please also note that Jean Kitson will be giving some excellent advice for dealing with fussy eaters. Unfortunately, I don't doubt that all the finest moments of next week's episode will be left on the cutting room floor, or at least saved for the potential DVD...

2/10/03 - Be warned, tomorrow night's episode will feature the most drastic change of appearance Wil has undergone in a very long time. It nearly also featured glasses, but sadly they didn't make it.

18/9/03 - Episode guide has been updated on time. Nothing else yet, but there's some plans in the works for future additions. Wait and see!
There have been a few changes to the site since last year, the most noticable to this page. I've created a News page, to archive all the updates I've made to the main page. In future, there won't be more than a few news items on the main page, and old ones will be shifted to the News page. Likewise, the old polls will be moved there once they're no longer relevant.
Veronica The Glass House Fan, known to some as Frodolover, the webmistress of this Wil Anderson page, has spent her holidays working for The Unofficial Glass House webpage. She's been compiling detailed episode guides, which list information about the topics covered, segments, details of the show, and some quote highlights. I'm in the process of getting these from her and setting them up on the site, so they should be up in the next month or so (yes, I am supremely slack...)
The Glass House is going to Melbourne! Coincidentally, so am I, for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The Glass House will be filming twice, on Wednesdays, the 2nd and 16th of April. Ticket details are up at Ticketmaster but the tickets are not yet available to purchase. They should come up at some point in the next month. I'll be taking my camera down to Melbourne, so hopefully I'll be able to add a page of taping photos to the site at the end of April.
At the end of last year, I emailed the ABC's Editorial Manager of Comedy, Richard Fidler, with some questions about the show in 2003. His answers to some of the most frequently asked questions I hear are now up here.
If you have any Glass House articles, or can take screencaps, or have anything to contribute to the page, email me @ alisso29@hotmail.com and I will be incredibly grateful.

Important Information - The next taping of The Glass House will be Thursday, 4th March. You can get tickets by calling (02) 93834741 after 9am on either Monday 23rd February or Monday 1st March, and will remain available during business hours until they run out. The next airing of The Glass House is Friday 27th of February.

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