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Devoted to the Stickiest Chicken

This page is dedicated to the WONDERFUL Wil Anderson

Stand up Comedian Extraordinaire
AND host of "The Glass House"

  • I'm actually in my fourth and final year of a hardcore research degree (this year is the equivalent of honours) which doesn't exactly give me much time spare, but hey, I might have a PhD one day. My point is, I have less time available to keep this site updated than I did when I first established it.
    Originally this site was a week-to-week episode guide for "The Glass House", but now it's more like an archive for the early years of "The Glass House".
    So if you're a new convert to the show and you want to catch up on what you've missed - this is the site for you. Just hop along to the Glass House episode guide
    If you want more recent information, there is of course Wil's Official Website now, but the older content of this site still remains on the old index page

    Last updated: 13th June 2006 10:33 by vtghf