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Asian Movie Force
Welcome to the ASIAN MOVIE FORCE +++ NEWS: Added first pictures to the Gallery - see a Japanese selection with posters/covers from BROTHER, SWALLOTAIL BUTTERFLY, WHITE OUT, THE RING I + II and BATTLE ROYALE +++ New content in the Uncut Section +++ Need a FREE WEBMAIL ACCOUNT? personalised address ... 3MB storage space, auto responder, notification, spam filters, HTML email, web & POP access, calendar... you can SIGN UP & LOG IN DIRECTLY HERE FROM THE ASIAN MOVIE FORCE website - CLICK HERE +++ COMING SOON: Send Bruce Lee Ecards directly from the Asian Movie Force website! +++

John Woo

John Woo is currently working on US war drama WINDTALKERS starring Nicolas Cage and Christian Slater - official site here. HONOR AMONG THIEVES (US working title is KING'S RANSOM), a HK production starring Ho Sung Pak and Michael Jai White, is scheduled for 2002. Since these films are in production, all related data is subject to change.

(No picture available) All three parts of the infamous Japanese ALL NIGHT LONG (OORU NAITO RONGU) series have been released by Dutch company Japan Shock Video on PAL/RC0 DVD with (optional) English subs. All three releases are full uncut versions. The same label had some more fine releases in the past such as EVIL DEAD TRAP (SHIRIO NO WANA) I+II, some TOKUGAWA stuff and the gruesome indie drama KICHIKU. A FUDOH - THE NEW GENERATIONS release (codefree PAL DVD) will be out soon. You can also purchase original Japanese poster art on their website.


Hideo Nakata's superb Japanese horror sequel RING II (RINGU II) is finally out on subtitled PAL/RC2 DVD in the UK (Tartan Video). The film's rated 'IIb' in HK - both the IMDB and British censorship board BBFC claim that UK rating is '12', though the preview cover sports a '15' rating.
As far as i know there is still no sign of US releases of any RING series title. Also, fans are still waiting for a subtitled version of the prequel RING 0 (non-subtitled Japanese NTSC DVD and HK VCD versions are already available). A definite must-see!


Ringo Lam's second US movie REPLICANT (again starring Jean-Claude Van Damme) is now out on HK VCD and NTSC/RC3 DVD. The DVD even features DTS sound and a non-subtitled english version (unmasked 4:3). The film is rated 'IIb' in HK ('R' in the US). The movie - somewhere between SE7EN-style thriller and high speed action plus a trendy cloning storyline - is watchable but again by far not as good as some of Lam's HK work. I couldn't find any official site so I recommend to search IMDB for further info.


Both UK PAL/RC2 and US NTSC/RC1 DVD releases of Tsui Hark's new HK movie TIME AND TIDE (SEUNLAU NGAKLAU) should be out these days. Ratings: 'R' in the US, 'IIb' in HK and 'PG' in Singapore (Singapore version might be cut). HK VCD and NTSC/RC0 DVD are already available but sport an ugly fullscreen ratio - since the original ratio is cinemascope (approx. 2.35:1), it basically lacks nearly half of the picture composition - Only for those who couldn't wait... Official site is supposed to be at but at the moment "this page cannot be displayed".

SWIRI (Korean cover)

Besides the VCD and NTSC/RC0 DVD release from HK (both letterboxed and subtitled), Korean highspeed action movie SWIRI (HK and international title is SHIRI) is now also available as a subtitled & letterboxed double DVD set from Korea with tons of extras on disc 2. Extras include deleted scenes, interviews, making of, a music video, trailers & more. Though the VCD from HK (rated 'IIb') already had high quality stereo sound and - by VCD standards - a very good picture, this new DVD sounds like the ultimate version. Priced around $35, the disc is even quite affordable. The official Korean website is right here.


Japanese star director Takeshi Kitano's latest masterpiece BROTHER is now out on NTSC/RC3 DVD from HK. Disc has DTS 5.1 Surround sound and (optional) english subs as well as an English dubbed version.
The movie is has a Category III rating in HK which might be due to some very graphic depictions of some cruel yakuza punishment rituals.
Click here to go to the official BROTHER website (Japanese and English versions available - flash plug in required).

The Green Hornet

Classic Bruce Lee TV series THE GREEN HORNET spawned two feature films. The first one, named THE GREEN HORNET (from 1974), is now again available through US company Brentwood Video on DVD and VHS.
Wanna buy? Here is one retailer who carries copies.

Many of the movies featured on AMF are available through CHARMES DVD & VCD MAILORDER

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