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First of all: This is an absolute non-profit project. I don't get paid or something for any link or announcement here on AMF - same goes for that webmail service which i created only because it offers you a more "personal" kind of domain name and be part of a fan community. My main intention is to provide some useful info for anybody interested in Asian movies. It's also a tribute to these movies which I love very much.
Concerning Anime: I will add info & links on anime, too but please note that this is not the main focus of this site. Most of the popular anime stuff around is TV series, not cinema. If you're looking for anime related stuff, you might find this anime webdirectory called ANIMOTION more helpful.
If you have any questions regarding that (or anything else) please use that email form to contact me.
Since i'm doing a lot of other stuff... sorry when i'm not too quick these days, the pages which are currently under construction might take some time. But I'll constantly add movie news on the main page and continue with the uncut section soon. And stay tuned for those pictures in my upcoming visual section.