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* Here is a strange but true fact. I started the guild website on August 22, 2001. Defenders of the Frost has been a guild on the Terris Thule server for 4 years.

* In August, new hot zones were made available:

Hot Zones have changed!

Hunt for greater XP rewards in the new Hot Spots. Make your way to the following zones.

  1. 60-65 Plane of Torment
  2. 55-60 Chardok
  3. 50-55 Grieg's End
  4. 45-50 Nurga
  5. 40-45 City of Mist
  6. 35-40 Kaesora
  7. 30-35 Dalnir
  8. 25-30 Hollowshade Moor
  9. 20-25 Runnyeye

* Click here to visit Defenders of the Frost Raid Loot Rules. Thanks to Shikai and Yanari for drafting and formatting.

* Ours is a family guild, we group with each other when we can, we raid with GCP when we can. We have a comfortable not at all uber nest. Occasionally, some try out their wings by leaving the guild. Change is a part of life, but sometimes they find that the world is a colder place with out your "family" and they want to come back. Folks wishing to come back will be asked to apply through the new application process.

* Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have online maps of a zone in the mapping tool that became available with the LOY update and you don't. Chances are you haven't visited On this website you can download maps individually or download a zip file that contains all available maps. Just save them to your Everquest/Maps file.

* Ever wonder what your EQ friends look like in real life? Click here!

True Fellowship Article



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