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Article I-Introduction and Expectations

Defenders of the Frost creates an atomsphere of friendship and family. Guild members are expected to treat each other as family. Help is freely offered within our guild. Fly your guild flag proudly, where ever you go, whatever you do, you represent all other guild members. Behavior that is less than honorable will not be tolerated. Such behaviors include kill stealing and ninja looting. Know and abide by your groups loot arrangements. This includes looting while fighting, loot order and especially the handling of "named" or rare drops.


Article II-Leadership

The Defenders of the Frost is led by a leadership team of 2 Guild Co-Leaders and officers. (Click here to see a complete membership list). The leadershop teams primary goal is to meet the needs of the guild. These duties are flexible, but do require a reasonable time donation to the guild. Officers are accountable to the each other, the guild leaders and the general guild membership. The guild is led by a team. No major decision will be made without consulting the leadership team. Members should feel free to contact any officer on line to mediate an internal conflict. Conflict between members is not to be played out in guild chat

Article III-Membership

All new members must be approved by the Minister of Recruitment. New members will be subject to a 30 day probationary period and a trial to be determined by the Leadership team. The minimun level for a guild-invite is 20. Exceptions will be entertained on an individual basis. One allowable exception if for alternate characters of members in good standing. Alts may be invited when they reach the 15th level.

Any guild is no better than the conduct of its membership. A guild's reputation is based on what other adventurers observe. Be aware at all times that you represent your guild and behave accordingly. We are proud of our reputation as a guild that helps others who need it. Do not walk away from someone in need. If it is in your power to help, do so.

Articl IV-Events

Events such as raids, weddings and other activities will take place, but need member participation to be successful. Planning events will not be limited to the Leadership team but will be open to all members. Raid organizers will post date and time 1 week prior to the event on guild-motd. Raids or events can be requested on the guild message board. All participants will be online and at a meeting point one hour prior to raid. Those who show up late will not be able to join the raid once it has begun. Raid organizer who plan events and do not show up to their event will not be able to organize another raid. As always such events must be planned out so please check your real life calendars for any conflicts before planning such events. If at anytime there is not enough participation for a raid then such an event should be canceled. A raid should consist of 2 or more groups to be successful depending on the goal ( loot, experience, quest or epic).


Article V-Code of Conduct

The following behaviors will not be tolerated and repeated incidents will be considered for expulsion:

1: Use of profanity in a public chat mode. (This includes Guild Chat, Say, Shout, OOC, Auction, and emotes)

2: Harassment of another player, either verbally or in any other way attempting to continually disrupt their game play.

3: Begging for cash, items or "power leveling". (this includes Guild Chat, Say , Shout, OOC, Auction, and emotes.)

4: (Public) Harassment of other guilds. This includes Say , Shout, OOC, Auction, and emotes.

5: Kill Stealing. Intentionally trying to kill npcs that are already engaged in combat with another player unless that player asks for your assistance.