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Raid Loot Rules


The Raid Guru:
In a given raid you have the ability to earn 3 DKP points for a raid event in which biddable loot may drop. DKP is capped at 120.

· 1 point for being on time.

· 1 point for being at the raid for at least half of the raid time.

· 1 point for being at the raid at the completion.

1)  At each point sanctioned raid, there will be either a primary or secondary Raid Guru. I figure we will call ours a uru because no other guild does, and we aren like any other guild. The Raid Guru (the RG) will not respond to tells of can loot so please don send them. Please wait until after the formalities of loot issues and it will be taken care. Above all be patient.

2)  Prior to the raid, the RG will announce if any loot is reserved.

3)  During the raid, the RGs should join dotfloot. Any officers who are online may also choose to observe, but there should be no more people in the channel than those that qualify to bid on loot, plus the RG and those observing. If you aren bidding, please don talk in this channel.

4)  When loot drops, the RG will ask for those who may be eligible to join dotfloot and link their current item. When linking an item, a member should also state if they are willing to pass it down.

Note: If a member of the RG wants to bid for a drop, the bid will be run buy the alternate RG. Acceptable alternate RG that aren so titled are guild/assist, guild leader, if present or a class officer.

5)  The RG will decide who gets loot based on what would be the best possible upgrade (kissing up wont help). The RG should consider factors including, but not limited to:
- Current item
- Loot ratio
- Raids since last upgrade

Loot Eligibility

A.  You must have attended at least three previous DotF raids if you are a non guild member.

B.  If you are not on time for the raid, the RG may, at their discretion, disqualify you from receiving loot.

C.  Applicants are ineligible for loot unless it would otherwise rot or go to an alt.

D.  Alts will almost never be considered on loot that would benefit a main character on the raid. The decision is still left to RG, but a decision to give loot to an alt over a main will probably never happen. The only exceptions will be if loot goes to a class not present at all, such as a support character. In such a case the loot will be guild banked but will not go to a non DOTF raid participant with intent for an alt.

Note: If an alt is requested by the raid leader, they will be treated as a main for the duration of that raid only.

Scheduled Guild Event:
You earn one point for being at a raid on time. You earn one point for being at the raid for at least half of the raid time. You earn one point for being at the raid at the completion. In a given raid you have the possibility to earn 3 raid points for a raid event in which loot will be dropped that is biddable. Raid points are capped at 120.

Spur of the Moment Event:
You earn one point for being at the raid on time. Time will be determined by the raid coordinator after being notified that a mob is up. You earn an additional point for being present at the end of the raid. In a spur of the moment raid, only 2 points are possible as the raid will not last for multiple hours. The only exception to this is if more than one spur of the moment mobs are up. In this case, you l earn one additional point per spur of the moment kill.


Bids will be handled in dotfloot channel. The RG will handle all loot. The item being bid on will be put in the channel for bid. Bids will be placed until a winner is found. This assures that the person that wants the item the most and has the most points will win.

All items will be given a starting bid value that will be the minimum allowed to purchase the item. This value will also be determined by the RG. Bid increments MUST be at least 1 point and there is no cap on number of bids or bid amounts. If no one bids on an item, and it is not no drop, it will banked for later use. If you don have the minimum points to bid, then you have lost the bid, unless the gear is an upgrade (which you will have to prove) and some one else that can use the same gear does not wish to bid. This is intended to upgrade the guild, but reward those that help the guild first. At present there is no need yet to make a maximum number of bids, provided it is a an upgrade, and you can win the bid with the raid points that you have.