She loves to adopt things!

Welcome to my Adoption Room. Here I display everything I've adopted and earned from other sites and eventually some sprites of my friends and I for you to adopt. I'll also announce anyone who has recently won my award, more to come. Enjoy!

I adopted chibi Nightcrawler!
Get your own blue cutie at

I adopted sleepy Kurt!
Get your own cuddly elf at

Here's some little sprites of me for you to adopt! Just save the image to your hard drive and link back to my site! Also send me an email letting me know where it is, K? BTW, thanx once again to Emby Quinn's Dollz Maker. Too cool!

The Honorary Valkyrie Award

sample only!

The Honorary Valkyrie Award is something I came up with. It will be awarded only to those sites and/or people who fit the following criteria:
1)They must be female
2)Them or their site must be reflective of a good, feminist, "I kick ass" kind of philosophy.

We have our first recipient of this award!
Emby Quinn and her site, Left of Center.

Visit her site! The link to it is, of course, here.

I will not display the actual award here for the sake of keeping some dishonest people from just taking it. I will send it as an attachment.

Crystal Key, Take me home!!!!!!!