My favorite Linkies


This is a list of sites I really like. It's not much but I will work on it. Enjoy!

I've visited these sites...have you? When you have nothing better to do. Seriously, check it out!
College Humor Totally hilarious stuff!
Otakuworld! KiSS dolls! KiSS dolls! Cool stuff!
This is my boyfriend's site for people to submit writing. Please submit!
Fanfiction Has a lot of fanfiction for anything that could possibly have fanfiction written about it!
!!Winner!! A site by one of the coolest women on this earth-Emby Quinn! I took so much stuff from her site...Emby-san, can I just take the whole damn thing? ;)
This site is by my friend Suke-chan. It kicks ass! See it now! (BTW, I made this banner!)
The best anime site out there!
I support Yaoi and Yuri on the web (As if it wasn't obvious already!)
Eric Conveys an Emotion One of the most hilarious sites out there! This guy takes requests for different things including "Hamster Dance", "Procrastination", and "Caffienated".

That's it for now. If you have a suggestion, Email me!