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Official Title:
The Legend of Zelda
Relese Date:
Japan: 1986
USA: July, 1987
Nintendo Entertainment System

Synopsis: In Link's first adventure through Hyrule, we're intoduced to some basic elements that will make the Zelda seies the mighty franchise that it is. Thinks like Stalfalos, Tektites, Bomberangs, Arrows, and Dungeons with bosses all become re-occuring elements throughout the future of Zelda, and they started here.

Link's adventure is rather simple for this game, collect the pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom, kill the pig-baddie Ganon, and save the Princess Zelda. While the plot wasn't exactly full of twists and turns, compared to the games of its time, Zelda was revolutionary. It featured (however limited, nonetheless) character interaction, the ability to deviate from a set path, and above all, the Lithium-Ion Cell which allowed players to SAVE their game. It was with these combined elements that The Legend of Zelda became one of the most hailed video games of all time.