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BIGT's Review of Zelda 1

Oh the joys of primitive gaming..... Zelda 1 was a great game, even now, it was fun for once to just have a really simple, but still entertaining game. No points for graphics, but hey, it was the '80's. The ending was probably the most satifying of all the Zelda games, you actualy KILL Ganon, AND get the entire Triforce, or so I assume (There wasn't much diolog, so I'm kind of going on what I saw). In this game Link gets some of the weapons that are now 'classic' Zelda items, ie: The Bow/Arrow, Power Bracelet, Bomerrang etc.. Though the dungons are pretty much the same to on another (except the wall color, monsters, and the boss) and actually pretty confusing in places, they were still fun, and the Bosses were easy, easy as pie. I was a bit suprised at the apperaence of Ganon, what little you see of him, he starts out a flashy teal color, and then turns an ugly brown. After that 1 Silver arrow is all it takes. The ending is rather cool though, when Link picks up part of the Triforce from Ganon's ashes, and then he puts out the blaze around Zelda, they hold up ther 'force's and the ending credits scroll,

CONCLUSION: Not bad for 1987, as a matter of fact, it was just great.

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