*dm-pd- “domain and its master”

DSDE: *dm-ped- Proto-IndoEuropean *tumfetiz Proto-Germanic tomt “plot for a house” Old Danish, Swedish tomt “ruin of a house” Danish *dm-pedom Proto-IndoEuropean *dápedon “floor (org. plot)” Greek NO: toft “allotted area for constructing a house” Danish (personal name) + -tofte (pl.) common type of village name in Denmark, the Danelaw and Normandy Danish cf *A-d-m- “create” and *p(/kw)-d- “flat (land); foot” TP: *dm-pot- “master of the house” Proto-IndoEuropean despóte:s “master, ruler” Greek *tumfaþ- Proto-Germanic NO: tomte “supernatural being living in a house, spirit of the house, gnome, pixie (> Santa Claus)” Swedish TP: *dm-pot-nya “mistress” Proto-IndoEuropean > TA: tamfana “goddess of the Marsi” Marsic at the Rhine (Nordwestblock?) cf *A-d-m- “create” and *p-t- “master, mistress” Back