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We are:
Bob: Guitar, and vox

Wounded Bill: Bass, Backup vox

Carl: Lead Guitar, backup Vox

Danno: Drums

NEW STUFF 11/8/00

Hi its been a while since i last updated well new news is that there really is no news. We are gonna record a new demo when we get a chance. Things are working out great with dan as the new drummer we have written some pretty good new songs which i will add to the lyrics page when i have more time to update. We are right now in the process of getting another Somersets show up. (I KNOW THAT THEY DICKED US OVER BEFORE BUT THAT WAS BECAUSE IT WAS A POORLY ORGANIZED SHOW.) So we don't care this show will happen. Thanx to Mark Regurgitation for the cool new logo that he did for us. We are also right now trying to put together a benifit For whom is not yet decided but we are hoping to put a really cool show together. news of that will come later so untill then bye. -Bob Reject-

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