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Contingency Plan Originaly started in the winter of 1997 as a 4 peice punk band consisting of me Bob on Vocals, Bill on bass and backup vocals, Carl on guitar, and steve on drums. The original name was The Leftovers and we were by no means a real functioning band. We basicly had no idea what we were doing but we were having fun. Later we changed our name to The Delinquents and started to actually write songs, Bad songs but none the less they were still songs. We eventually gave up on the band when we realized that we had no talent and we stoped playing together and all that shit. So about 6 months after we "Broke up" we decided to give it another try and we didn't make any progress so we once again gave up, but being the creatures of habit that we are we decided to try again. So we got back together under the name Rejected Youth and actually made a lot of progress. We played at the TLA for our first show and even though people said they loved us we sounded like shit but had a lot of fun regardless. We then played Summersets with monkey driver, 2 dollar skank, and The Regugitated we were the 3rd band and we had a ton of fun. After that we Played somersets one more time this show was suppose to be Discarded Youth, Blue Collar, The Regurgitated, And us. Discarded Youth left Mark Regurgitation up at 5 points with no way to the show. So there went one band. Blue Collar cancelled due to a rumor that we were gonna beat them up (Which wasn't gonna happen) then to top it all off our former drummer steve was late as always. So it ended up being me and different people who played instruments forming bands to kill time till mark got there. Then we played for like 2 hours straight. The show was a total flop. So after that show we decided to replace steve and during that summer of 2000 we got rid of Steve changed our name to Contingency Plan and picked up Dan from The Regurgitated. So thats where we stand now and we should be doing some shows and putting out a new demo soon so untill then later.


Ryan for being cool and for bringing dan to practice also candice for being cool, Pony John for being a mall rat, brad cuz he fuckin Punk Rock, Thanx to Marisa for Being my best friend and my home in LA sorry but East Coast is still better E.C.F.U., Bern & Brian, Steves car for conveniently overheating, breaking down, getting stuck in traffic for two hours every time we would have a practice we didn't mind being lied to, Jay for picking up my pics, all the Ftown Heads who give mad support to us, linolium crew for all the good times, Joe Sharpe for donating the old name(Rejected Youth) and being our equipment bitch, The MEXICAN PIKACHU, The Regurgitated cuz they kick ass, Kinzmen for offering us shows, Dherd the 3rd,The Fifteen people who have our split cd with The Regurgitated even though some of the people who have it are members of one of the bands including myself its okay, somersets live for letting us put on shows there, Lazy Boy Justin for setting the show up with Pinhead Circus even tho that didn't happen and any future shows he set up for us, and anyone who comes to the shows, And to anyone i forgot ill try to remember later. thanx bye. Most Of all we'd like to thank BUDDY DOG (AKA BUDDY AURTHER) for lettin us know that he cares

People we don't particularly like:
Gremlin, Punktious Pilot, Ben, Ronald McDonald cuz hes fuckin scary he's a creepy fuck, People With Camaro cuts (AKA the Mullet), The cabby who kicked us out of the cab, superchunk and the freaky dude dancing in front of me and bill at that show, The THE ROCKeTEENS the were even worse than superchunk, DISCARDED YOUTH, THE MISGUIDED (we all know that no one is as punk as you guys), MONKEY DRIVER, THE "IF YOU WANNA SEE THE DEVIL JUST LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!" LADY, The septa bus driver bill just told me about, thats it for now when other assholes cross our path they will be added..... Bye with love Contingency Plan.


New stuff
We might be playing summersets in january but nothing is final yet so i'll update again later untill then bye.
-Bob Rejected-

WE ARE STILL TAKING BANDS FOR THE COMP. CD E-mail us for info on the cd...

Bob Rejected
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