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These websites give additional information on several of the modalities that I use in my practice. Also included are websites that may contain other very beneficial information. Some of the sites I recommend for information, sell products. That is often inevitable. However, it is not my intention to send you to sites to purchase something. If, after reading researched and documented information, you should decide to purchase a product they offer, it is solely your decision. I am not in favor of practitioners selling what they recommend (which is why I do not do so),however, some practitioners' sites evolve that way. It does not detract from their legitimacy; in most instances, it has evolved as such due to client need. I try to search out and recommend unbiased information. Please keep that in mind.

I am in the process of adding a few more websites that primarily sell stuff. There is some information on them, but, they exist to sell. The reason I am doing this is because they happen to sell things that I have looked for personally. I have no financial interest in their website or companies. In fact, there may be other places to buy the same articles. However, they were able to supply what I needed at a price I could afford.

Bioelectromagnetics - 2003
Another good source of information concerning bioelectromagnetics and the adverse effects of electromagnetic fields
Eat Right 4 Your Type
This website not only contains all information concerning blood type nutrition, but is a source of documented research by Peter D'Adamo. Should you want to purchase any of his blood-type specific products, this has everything. It is also a source of information concerning secretor/non-secretor typing. There is a section where you can "Ask Dr. D'Adamo" and also a forum for any questions you may have that aren't answered.
Herb Research Foundation
This is the one of the best websites concering herbal information. It is science-based information on the health benefits of herbal medicine.
Homeopathic Educational Services
Extensive information concerning homeopathic medicine. It gives background, research, and remedies.
Search the National Library of Medicine for research back to the 1950's. Very good for cross-referencing.
American Association of Drugless Practitioners
The AADP is another certifying organization which represents holistic health practitioners.
The American Holistic Health Association
A very insightful website with resource and referral lists and many self-help articles. It offers a wealth of knowledge concerning holistic health.
Independent Skin Care Research and Reviews
This is a very good site for information on skin care, giving the pros and cons of advertised anti-aging creams and "wrinkle removers". Anyone interested in taking care of their skin will enjoy reading through all of the articles.
1st Chinese Herbs
This is a very good site if you are at all interested in Chinese Herbs. It is very informative and a good source of herbs. I've been very pleased with their service.
Natures Flavors
I have used this site primarily for their organic flavor concentrates and extracts... and they have MANY. It is a very large site and they offer many more products. They have always done a very good job of packing their products to send and I have never had a problem with them. I usually buy my products during the winter months since the Arizona heat any other time is not good for anything.
This is the site where I do the bulk of my monthly vitamin/supplement shopping. I have no financial connection to them whatsoever; however, I have found that they have very low prices and carry all the brands that I use. I have also started getting my organic spices from them. They do a fantastic job of packing for shipment, and, for the most part, I never have to pay shipping. I have had to restructure my schedule for purchasing my vitamins/supplements due to the Arizona heat. I now buy a 3 months supply in November, December, January and February. Again, even with large orders like that, their service is fantastic!
This is just one of many places you can go to research information on earthing/grounding. Wikipedia has information, as does The Townsend Letter.

I do not claim to diagnose or treat any illness. All information on this website is for educational purposes only.

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