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A Museum of the History of Hypnotherapy and Implements

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Ancient Items of Hypnosis:
The Era of Rediscovery
Stage Hypnosis Items
Modern Medical Hypnosis Items
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HYPNOTHERAPY: From Ancient Practice to Modern Therapeutic: This mini-exhibit of the history of the equipment utilized for hypnotic induction over the centuries is on display in the main reception area of the Centre for Multidisciplinary Healthcare, a comprehensive integrative medical facility. The exhibit contains over two dozen objects, some replicas as well as some authentic items that span from ancient times to modern and have had application to hypnosis as a spiritual ritual or medical procedure. From the earliest days, humans have stared into the campsite fire, listened to stories, and let their minds wander. Religious ceremonies often utilized fire for many symbolic reasons or perhaps as part of a focal point for meditation. It also was noted that some animals could be put into a 'trance' state. Over the centuries, this trance-like state became associated with healing as well. Gazing into pools of water, shiny mirror-like objects, crystals of various shapes and colors, black ink or oil were all employed. Various symbols were added to certain objects by some cultures to give for reasons of religion. Our exhibit depicts this in the form of three types of Gazing Balls, a scrying tray, an 'Egyptian Magic Mirror', a Greek Physician's Ring with a mounted stone, and a Candle (without flame). Mesmer believed that the unseen power of Magnets enabled the creation of the trance states. While others developed hypnosis as a medical therapy, some used and abused it as a 'parlor entertainment' or 'stage show', creating a 'committee' of volunteers to become demonstration subjects for a hypnotist… but it is to the stage hypnotists that modern hypnotherapists owe much to the development of efficient techniques. Stage plays and cinema has often misrepresented hypnosis and has created much misunderstanding. From the theatrical prop use of the now cliché Pocket Watch, Spirals, Hypno-Wheels and even proposing that there was some power of the Eye to emit a hypnotic force, the media created and many fallacies and superstitions. Some stage hypnotists employed even Spiral Eyeglasses. For decades the Hypno-Coin, a plastic grid over a spiral to give the illusion of spinning, was sold as a way to induce hypnosis. Optical illusions and mandala patterns have been used. As scientists and members of the healing arts continued to use hypnosis, they employed the Metronome for visual and auditory focus. Some investigators found that a Strobe could be employed, but it was abandoned it since it caused seizures in some individuals. Since the 1960s numerous Biofeedback Devices such as those on display monitored various aspects of body physiology to create relaxation states. Today, Hypnotherapy is a valuable tool for anesthesia, smoking cessation and dieting, and the treatment of many physical conditions and psychological problems. --- This website was designed by Margie Cook,CH who was Corp. Public Information Officer when the museum was available for public display. Curator and Historian: Dr. Bill Breuer -© 2002