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Items from the Stage

Though Stage Hypnotism for entertainment is frowned upon by many medical professionals, it is historically to the credit of the Stage Hypnotists who preserved the art and developed many modern induction techniques... then in turn teaching these to the healing arts community.

Items used on the Stage
Miss Pat Collins
Jerry Valley's Card
Ormond McGill
A Book and Stage Hypnotist's Wand
Spiral Hypno-Glasses
Various Items, some used as 'give aways' to the crowd
International stage hypnotist Joan Brandon pictured at work in her book,
3 D Hypno-Ring
Stage Hypnotist's Pen
Stage Hypnotist's Pendant/Medallion
Stage Hypnotist Tom Silver
Promo T shirt
Stage Play:Orange Lemon Egg Canary
SZELES' Stage Hypnosis Promotion Items
Rasputin (Disney Character) who had reputed hypnotic 'powers'.
Actor/Stage Hypnotist who does 'Olde Tyme' historical demonstrations of period and parlor hypnosis with items similarly depicted in the museum.

The modern form of Stage Hypnosis has roots to Parlor or Demonstrational Hypnosis. The art and science was preserved during the late 1800s and onward, and to its historical credit, enabled continued experimental work by those individuals who often were guests of the wealthy, thereby creating and renewing public interest as well as enabling the creation and perfecting of techniques.