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population of over 250,000
Hawker's Foods

Kampar town is a over 120 years old historically famous for tin mining. Kampar in Chinese word “Jin Bao” has a auspicious meaning which implying “jin ying cai bao”.
Kampar's growth has stagnated ever since the closure of the tin mines. In spite of this, Kampar is aspired to become a regional educational center in the latest vibrant project: Utar. Thus has made Kampar became a dynamic county in this 21 century

  Reasons to stay in Kampar? Wide assortment of local famous cuisine, simple life, well developed housing estate, good Fung Sui –rich of mountains and water for outdoor activities, friendly neighborhood will sure be the attraction for those who appreciate tranquility and healthy lifestyle.    
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Sunset View at TBB Beautiful WaterFall in Kampar TAR College Bus Station  
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neon dreamwrks 2005