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  Olivia Lum- a very successful Kampar born entrepreneur (now is a Singaporen). Growing up as an orphan in Kampar. At 45, Olivia Lum is the First woman to make it to Forbes annual list of South-east Asia's richest people. She is also the youngest on the list. With a net worth of US$240 million, Olivia Lum come in at 39th place.


TIME: Olivia Lum, head of the fast-growing water-treatment company Hyflux, never knew her biological parents. She was adopted at birth by an elderly woman she called Grandma, and home was Kampar,

SMJK : Miss Olivia Lum Ooi Lin Form 3 student (1977)  from Pei Yuan National Type Secondary School, pays her own way through school and university, and ends up owning a multi million dollar company.







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