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New movie deal  - March 01

LL Cool J is in the running to be cast in Park Avenue Ghost as a hip man who is haunted by a stuffy British ghost. Rupert Everett, who has appeared in a number of films, including 1997's My Best Friend's Wedding and 1998's Shakespeare In Love, is being considered to portray the ghost.

Last year, LL Cool J appeared in three movies: Any Given Sunday, In Too Deep, and Deep Blue Sea and can be currently seen in Kingdom Come and in the summer movie remake of Rollerball. As the rapper-actor explains, he had wanted to be a movie star all his life, but initially he was apprehensive about launching dual careers in music and film.

"I always wanted to do films, but you always have that fear: 'Wow, can I do two things?,'" he explains. "So I chose the thing that was most available to me, which was music, and I decided to go with that. But I always wanted to do films as well. As a little kid growing up, I always saw myself on the screen doing those movies -- Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Scarface -- you know, the whole gamut, doing both, just loving it. Now I'm getting that opportunity. I approach it with a sense of great gratitude, you know? 'Cause hey, it could be a lot worse."

LL's eighth album, G.O.A.T., debuted as the number one album in the country on September 20, 2000 and so far as sold over 2 million copies nationwide, according to industry sources. G.O.A.T. features appearances from DMX, Method Man, Redman, Mobb Deep's Prodigy, Jayo Felony, Snoop Dogg, and Xzibit.

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