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Rollerball (2001)
Kingdom Come (2001)
Charlie's Angels (2000)
Any Given Sunday (1999)
In Too Deep (1999)
Deep Blue Sea (1999)
Halloween H20 (1998)
Woo (1998)
BAPS (1997)
Touch (1997)
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Kingdom Come is currently showing. The movie is  directed  by Doug  McHenry and written by David Bottrell  and Jessie Jones. The film co-stars Whoopi Goldberg,   Toni Braxton  (in her film debut),  Jada  Pinkett Smith, and Vivica A. Fox. The plot is about a group of family members  that   gathers  when a  despicable  family   member  thankfully expires. The film is categorized as urban - appeal comedic drama. Visit our Kingdom Come special for pictures, trailers, videos, and gifts.


LL will co-star with Chris Klein ("Here On Earth") in the new  version of  "Rollerball" being directed by  John  McTiernan ("The Thomas Crown Affair," "Die  Hard") from a screenplay penned by John  Pogue.   The movie is slated for a 2001 summer release.

James Caan  starred in  the  original "Rollerball," a sci-fi action-adventure film directed by  Norman  Jewison   ( "The Hurricane") and set in the not-too-distant future where corporations have supplanted countries and governments, and the violent game of Rollerball has become the global sport of choice.

In the planned remake, LL and Klein will portray superstar athletes in the year 2005 who rebel against their  team's  owner,  a Russian businessman (Jean Reno) who is willing to kill for higher ratings. Visit  the Rollerball   official  site  for  more  info. Supermodel Rebecca Romijn Stamos will also co-star.

"Rollerball" marks the second film project that LL has lined up for himself since the start of 2001. The rapper also signed on to star in another flick, "Crazy Town,"  in which   he's  set  to  portray  a   teacher responsible for educating kids confined to a mental institution, it's possible LL might be trying is hand at a theatrical production at the end of the year too as he broadens his acting career.

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Arsenio Hall (Stand By Your Man)

Billboard Music Awards

Gap Commercial

Live in Houston, Texas

MTV Unplugged Performance - Jingling Baby

MTV Unplugged Performance - Mama Said

Rock the vote

Doin' It

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1993 Narm Vignette

Arsenio Hall Show

Showtime at the Apollo

2001 Interview with Rollingstone



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     LL Cool J

Birth name: James Todd Smith
Date of birth (location): 14 January 1968, Queens, New York, USA
Trivia: Almost always wears a hat, and wears one of his pant legs    
             rolled up. LL Cool J stands for "Ladies Love Cool James."    
             Regarded as one of the most successful rap artists of all times. 
Height: 6' 02"   Weight: Usually around 240
Spouse: Simone Johnson (1995 - present); 4 children
Filmography as: Actor and Notable TV guest appearances

                Actor - filmography (1980s - 2000s)


Rollerball (2001) .... Marcus Ridley

Kingdom Come (2001) .... Raybud Slocum

Any Given Sunday (1999) .... Julian Washington #33 

In Too Deep (1999) .... Dwayne Gittens/GOD


Deep Blue Sea (1999) .... Preacher 

Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later (1998) .... Ronny
... aka Halloween 7 (1998) (USA)
... aka Halloween: H20 (1998) (USA: promotional title)
... aka Halloween: H20 (20 Years Later) (1998) (USA: promotional title)


Woo (1998) .... Darryl 


Caught Up (1998) .... Roger 

B.A.P.S. (1997) .... Himself
... aka B.A.P.S. (1997)


Touch (1997/I) .... Himself


Right to Remain Silent, The (1996) (TV) .... Charles Red Taylor 

Out-of-Sync (1995) .... Jason St. Julian 

Toys (1992) .... Patrick Zevo 

Hard Way, The (1991) .... Billy

Wildcats (1986) .... Rapper
... aka First and Goal (1986)

Krush Groove (1985) .... Himself



Notable TV guest appearances

    "Oz" (1997) TV Series .... Prisoner #98W504 Jiggy Walker (1998

    "In the House" (1995) TV Series .... Marion Hill 

    "Ned and Stacey" (1995) playing "Marion" in episode: "Paranoia on the 47th Floor" (episode # 1.15) 1/8/1996

      "Mad TV" (1995) playing "Himself"(episode # 1.8)

                                   playing "Host"(episode # 2.22)


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