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L.L. COOL J - The Greatest Of All Times
With over 20 million albums sold, L.L. Cool J is the most successful hip-hop artist in history. Since his auspicious beginnings as a skinny teen MC, he has become a hip-hop ambassador and he was the first artist to record for Def Jam Records, the first hip-hop artist to amass six platinum-plus albums and six gold singles, was the first rap artist to go acoustic on MTV Unplugged, won two Grammy Awards, was selected as the recipient of the 1997 MTV Video Vanguard Award for lifetime achievement in music videos, has performed for political leaders and royal families around the world, and has starred in a television show and appeared in four Hollywood movies, acted as a spokesman, a role model and inspiration for countless people, artists and musicians and much more. Find out why "Ladies Love Cool James" and check out his newest album "The Greatest Of All Time" which drops September 12, 2000.

Watch L.L. Cool J talk and rap about some of his favorite tracks from "The Greatest Of All Time"

"Imagine That" 56k 90k

56k 90k
L.L's Favorite Song 56k 90k

56k 90k
"L.L. Cool J" 56k 90k
"G.O.A.T." "Homicide"
AUDIO - from "G.O.A.T. - The Greatest Of All Time" [30 sec. clips]

"Imagine That"

"Back Where I Belong"

"LL Cool J"

"Take It Off"



"This Is Us"

"Can't Think"


"You And Me"


"U Can't F**k With Me"

"Queens Is"

"The G.O.A.T."

"Ill Bomb"

L.L. Cool J appears courtesy of DefJam Records

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The Early Years [1987-1990]

Low  High [Stereo]

1987 I'm Bad
1987 I Need Love
1989 Jingling Baby
1989 Going Back To Cali
1989 Big Ole Butt
1989 One Shot At Love
1989 I'm That Type Of Guy
1990 The Boomin' System
1990 6 Minutes Of Pleasure
1990 Around The Way Girl
The Later Years [1990-1995]

Low  High [Stereo]

1990 Mama Said Knock You Out
1991 Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf
1993 Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag...
1993 Back Seat
1993 How I'm Comin'
1993 Buckin' Em Down
1993 Stand By Your Man
1995 Loungin
1995 Hey Lover
1995 I Shot Ya
1995 Doin It
The Year 2000

Watch a 30 second clip from L.L.'s hot new music video "Imagine That"

56k 90k

Part 1 56k 100k Surestream

L.L. Cool J on another comeback record, on his artistry, the kinds of records he makes and on his motivation
Part 2 56k 100k Surestream

L.L. Cool J on "The Greatest Of All Time," his past recordings, producers, having sex and Def Jam Records
Part 3 56k 100k Surestream

L.L. Cool J on Canibus, Wyclef Jean, new talent, writing songs for girls and "Imagine That"
Part 4 56k 100k Surestream

L.L. Cool J on Acting, Writing and Kids

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