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About Ourselves + FA(S)Q

Kimchi Insam
Profile of Kimchi & Insam
Nickname: Kimchi Nickname: Insam
Full Name: Brainless Kimchi Full Name: Bighead Insam
Sex: Male Sex: Male
Age: Top secret Age: Undisclosable information
  • Customer service in a shipping company
  • Trading safety card on Web
  • Occupation:
  • Sales in a banking equipment company
  • Selling 1:400 IL-86 models on Web
  • Interest:
  • Collecting safety cards
  • Collecting airplane die-cast models
  • Traveling
  • Eating Korean food
  • Listen to strange music
  • Making jokes about great leader Kim Jong Il
  • Modifying Insam's "Russian plane jokes"
  • Planespotting
  • Surfing on web
  • Laughing loudly in public places
  • Interest:
  • Collecting safety cards
  • Collecting airplane model kits
  • Traveling
  • Drinking Korean beer
  • Listen to normal music
  • Making jokes about Russian planes
  • Modifying Kimchi's "Kim Jong Il jokes"
  • Bus-spotting
  • Writing web page
  • Talking loudly in public places
  • bar

    F A (S) Q

    General questions

    What does FA(S)Q mean? I've heard about FAQ but not FA(S)Q!
    FA(S)Q means "Frequently Asked (Stupid) Questions".

    So do you mean that people reading these questions are stupid?
    No! But those asking them.

    Why you create this page?
    Five Reasons:

  • 1. Train up my FrontPage 2000 skills. So this page will be updated frequently and a lot of useless but funny things will be added.
  • 2. Introduce DPRK to the world and state out our reasons for visiting DPRK to those who thought that we are werid.
  • 3. Trade safety cards with others to expand our collection.
  • 4. Make friends through internet!

    You've said there're five reasons for creating this page, but you've only stated four.
    Because I've forgot the last one.

    So, you're not too smart either!
    Next question.

    When did you start building this page?
    I applied this account in geocites on 20-Feb-2001 and started writing this page immediately. It officially opened on 7-Mar-2001. And due to running out of disk space, I have started to move this page to a new server since August. Now this homepage is stored in Angelfire and was officially opened on 10-Nov-2001.

    The name of your page is "Kimchi & Insam's Aviation Page". Who is the webmaster? Kimchi or Insam?

    Actually, which parts of the page was written by Kimchi and which parts was written by Insam?
    Everything in this page were written by me, Insam, including this FA(S)Q. Kimchi knows nothing in web page publishing!

    Will you add more topics to this page?
    Yes, sections about planespotting and airplane die-cast models collecting will be added soon. (Hopefully!)

    I can't see people asking the last question are stupid?
    That's why I called it FA(S)Q but not FASQ. The brackets indicate that some questions in this page, like the last one, are not stupid questions but some, like this one, are.

    Can you put your photos up here?
    What for?

    I want to know how you guys look like?

    Korean Kimchi Korean Insam
    Korean KimchiKorean Insam

    About safety cards

    Why collecting safety cards?
    It's our interest.

    What for?

    I mean why collect things from airplanes?
    Well, normally speaking, not too many people in this world, like me, got a lot of chances to travel by planes. So every plane journeys are very valuable and I want to collect somethings everytime when I travel by planes. Some days after my journey, when I take out the card I got from the plane, I can easily recall my memory of that journey.

    But why not other things such as boarding passes, airline tickets, barf bags or forks & knives?
    Actually we collected playing cards instead of safety cards before. But now, we only collect safety cards.

    Why don't collect playing cards anymore?
    It's because not every airlines give out playing cards for free. Some even don't produce their own playing cards at all!

    Are there any more reasons for collecting safety cards?
    Yes, safety cards are very special among all other airline collectibles. Firstly, every safety cards got the name and the logo of their belonged airlines printed on them! So they can tell which airline they came from. Secondly, since the escape routes of different airplane models are difference, safety cards for each airplane models are then different. Also, different airlines produce their safety cards with their own designs and will be changed periodically. So there are more than thousands of different safety cards in this world waiting for us to collect!

    When did you guys start collecting safety cards?
    From August, 2000.

    Where were you going to?
    From Hong Kong to Manila and back.

    Which airline?
    Cathay Pacific.

    What airplane model?
    We took B747-400 to Manila and A330 back.

    So Cathay Pacific is the first "victim"?
    What do you mean by "victim"?

    I think every safety cards got a statement "Please do not remove from aircraft." printed on them.
    No, the CNAC-Zhejiang safety card says "Please do not remover from aircraft."

    Well, that's only a printing error. I mean collecting safety card is a kind of stealing.
    You can say that.

    Did you ever feel guilty after stealing?
    Not really.

    How much does a card cost to a big aviation company? I think stealing safety card is much better than stealing forks and knives or headphones or inflight magazines.

    That's not the problem of pricing. Let's say, in case you've taken away a safety card for collection. And unfortunately, the plane met an accident in the next journey. The passenger seated on your previous seat may need the information on the safety card that taken away by you to find the escape path.
    Before each flight, cabin crews are responsible to check every seats to make sure no safety cards are missing. So your case won't happen in real world.

    Fine. So where do you get your cards from?
    Some were stolen by us during our plane journeys. Some were requested from flight attendance. Also some kind people traded their spare cards with us. Some even kinder people donated cards to us for nothing. We also know that most airlines are willing to give out safety cards to collectors upon request but we've never try this before.

    I know someone sell safety cards on the web. Do you disagree on this?
    Well, we won't say we're 100% disagree on selling safety cards. We think it is okay to sell safety cards in order to earn some money to buy some rare safety cards from the web.

    What safety cards do you want most?
    Certainly, we'll like to have an Air Koryo safety card. We also want to have any concorde or PAN AM cards. Cards of Russian-made planes are also very welcomed. Also cards from Africa and Middle East are welcomed as well.

    About North Korea

    Are you living in Korea?
    No, we're living in Hong Kong.

    Are you Korean?
    No, we're Chinese.

    So why going to North Korea?
    I think I have stated all our reasons in Complete P'yongyang Folio.

    I don't think going to North Korea will be a luxury trip.
    That's up to you. Some people only wants to relax in their holidays. But we would like to spend our holiday to visit places that are unfamiliar to us.

    I think I've asked all my questions. Thank you very much for your answers.
    That's our pleasure. And don't forget to Sign Our Guestbook, please!

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