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Complete P'yongyang Folio

DPRK National Flag

Why DPRK (North Korea)?

triangle "Under his (Kim Jong Il) devine leadership, North Koreans live in Utopia!" Quoted from Kim Jong Il's North Korea Fan Club

Do you believe this? Honestly, I don't! But the fact is, under the rule of the communist party and the "great leader" Kim Jong II, North Korea remains the most mystery country in the world. She is the only "not yet opened" country still hidden behind the iron curtain nowadays. Traveling to North Korea is restricted. There are even no signs on the streets of P'yongyang, its capital. People from the outside world knows little about this country. She is a country full of mystery, thus very attractive to adventurer like me. That's why I always dreaming to go there and in fact, I'm planning to pay a visit soon!

There is also another reason for visiting North Korea.

triangle "......The most meaningful thing was watching a show performed by the local students. It is especially performed for tourist from China. Not to mention the typical DPRK-style laughing face, but the most funny thing was a song called 'The World Adoring Us'. All Chinese in front of the stage laughed.
Seeing these, I thought about my life style 20 years ago. Very terrifying.
All Chinese should not forget these. All Chinese should go to DPRK to have a look."

Quoted from a travelogue called "What I saw and heard in DPRK." (simplified Chinese only)

Being a Chinese myself, I'm very lucky to born and grow up in Hong Kong. I personally did not experienced any form of communism nor cultural revolution. But my father did. He is one of the million Chinese escaped from the mainland during the horrifying cultural revolution. Luckily, China is changed nowadays. But the past is a fact. You can choose hating it but it is the fact!

People in Hong Kong are very lucky. We don't ask for air-conditioned buses but air-conditioned buses fitted with 4 TVs. Not normal CRT TVs but four flat TFT TVs, two on each deck! We don't drink water but Coca Cola or luxury Chinese tea. "Cooking is too clumsy! Why not visiting the new Italian restaurant downstairs?" You may say, "No, I don't live in Hong Kong and my city don't have air-conditioned bus with 4 TFT TVs!" But you still have a computer! Right?

He is right! Every Chinese should visit DPRK to see how lucky we are! If you or your parents are from Russia or some former communist countries, this statement is also true to you! If you don't feel grateful that you can live in a rich environment, you should pay a visit as well!

The Arch of Triumph, P'yongyang

How to travel to North Korea?

triangle "'Holiday in North Korea, you must be joking...?'
North Korea is paradoxically one of the safest countries to visit and is certainly an unforgettable experience."
Quoted from Koryo Tours

Traveling to North Korea is restricted. But the good news is, it is not impossible. Although traveling by your own is not allowed, there are plenty of government organized tours that can bring you to explore this mystery land.

triangle "Visas: This is the difficult part. If you're from the US or South Korea you can pretty much forget about it." Quoted from Lonely Planet

Sounds a bit discourage, right? But if you're not from the mentioned countries, you're pretty much welcome to travel. Try your luck with these appointed travel agencies worldwide. Don't forget to share your photos and experience with me after you come back.

Koryo Tours -- located in Beijing. Offers on-line DPRK tours booking.
BesTravel -- located in UK. Offers on-line DPRK tours booking and flight and rail information.
VNC Asia Travel -- located in The Netherlands. Offers DPRK tours and information.
Classic Oriental Tours-- located in Australia. Offers DPRK tours and information.
Golden Trip Travel Service Ltd -- located in Hong Kong. It offers DPRK tour booking and DPRK visa.
Address: 5/F Wardley Center, 9-11 Prat Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.
Tel: (852) 2723-0500 Fax: (852) 2368-6009
new! Special Offers: 8days trip to North Korea for only HK$ 6590! Available only on 4, 11, 18 & 25/4/2001. Travel from Macao by Air Koryo's beautiful TU-154. For details, please refer to this brochures.

4/5 Days North Korea Tour (Departure from Beijing)
8 Days North Korea Tour (Departure from Macao)
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Download if necessary:

Anything else for North Korea?

Please have a look at the following leaflets published by appointed travel agencies or visit our Transfer Lounge for more information about DPRK!

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