Thick With Conviction - A Poetry Journal
thick with conviction a poetry journal

M. Travis Walsh



on my back porch

I sit

and listen to the rain

while clutching a book of poems

by Artaud,

a bottle of shiraz

and a cigarette I rolled  

for myself


for the moment

I forget


one day

I will die

and you will die

and every one of us

born into this god-forsaken


will die


for the moment,

the wine and

the smoke

and the grey day

(with it's mist gently peppering

my arms)

makes me think of

anything but death

such as the way

your cat

loves to lay in my lap

on quiet thursday afternoons

after we've made love

and the wooden floor seems cold

but the house is



with Nina Simone

coming through the speakers

and you

standing naked in the doorway

asking me how I would

like my eggs

m. travis walsh is a bipedal wave-illusion who spends his waking hours pressing fresh pieces of himself onto paper with the ink of his mind's eye. his body resides in northwest arkansas while his mind is an ardent traveler.


Current Issue:
December 2011


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