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Even More Poems

Some tourists in Australia are young and friendly, I'd rather be in Mullumbimby than in Essen, in a German winter.

A photo of a mine at Mount Dromedary, now the area is deserted, and has returned to forest.

Driving down the south coast of New South Wales in the 1930s, to find your beloved girl, living in a farm near Yowrie, though she calls herself "a Cobargo Girl".

A good looking girl was Trish, I pretended to be in love with her and wrote this love poem, she replied "I do not have a piggy nose".

I had a mouse mat, with a picture of cherubs flying overhead, they looked annoying like mosquitos.

This is a rainforest mountain in northern New South Wales, me imagining I found a crashed plane with no survivors, so I decided to steal a ring from a dead finger.

This rainforest tree is not spectacular, and I've no success in trying to grow it from seed. I like it anyway.

Being with models can be fun. Like this glorious good looking girl with huge photo of herself at the entrance of a shopping centre. She was so proud, showed off her picture to me, Smiling to me in a snapshot, unlike the glum looking girl in the giant photo above us.

I'll never forget when this girl sat so close to me, she wore a beautiful yellow skirt, with pictures of sea shells and sea horses. We were a terrific team when working together.



Anna From Essen

Brick Pile


Cobargo Girl


the Dish

Golden Seed

Half Dozen


Sour Cherry




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If a wedding ring was placed over a young Red Cedar, and the plant grew for hundreds of years, what shape would the gold be, inside the heart of a 60 metre tall tree?