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Another Ten Non Rhyming Poems

One of those times when you just want to return to the Cool Temperate Rainforest, this time at Monga

The Blue Mountains has certain area of harsh vegetation, often affected by fire.

The knights try to rescue a princess trapped in a tower. However, the thorny rose hedge instantly kills them, they are turned into an immortal red rose.

A wonderful girl called Kelly phoned me. I wrote this (and other poems on Bradman Oval - at Bowral)

The Palace of Mirrors is a place of ornate beauty.

A wonderful girl called Kerri, we "clicked" straight away. I could hardly believe she was 17. Sexy, lovely and we made each other laugh many times.

Polai is the word used by the Illawarra indigenous people referring to the Red Cedar. They didn't like the white man taking away their land, and removing their trees

Digging up things in a river bed can lead to surprises. Such as this "lump of rock" which decided to come to life, and liked swimming in the tub in the bathroom.

Driving through a road in a Cool Temperate Rainforest, a flat greenish snail stuck to the side of the car, so I opened the window, and returned it on the branches.

Wet Home

All I want

Every Day

A Desert

The Rose


Warm Wave


Carved Angel


Favourite Sign

Doing Laps

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Farmers create silage, digging a hole, filling it with fresh grass, then burying it. To later feed the animals when food is scarce.