"I have had my horse here for four years now and we absolutely love it! There are beautiful trails were you can go out and relax through the wooded area or go along the open meadows. The two riding arenas are great for jumping and flat work. The stalls stay nice and cool in the summertime and the pastures are super green. The barn always smells like fresh pine shavings and the water buckets are always clean. Louise really knows what she is doing whether it comes to training the riders and horses or maintaining this beautiful piece of property. "
Samantha Hodge

"Louise is a wonderful instructor for our 9 yr. old daughter who is a beginner rider. I highly recommend this place! The horses are all very well cared for (I am a Veterinarian). Maryville should be proud to have such a talented equestrian with so much experaince . Louise is very good with the kids and knows that each one responds differently, "

"I have boarded my horse at Mountain Meadow equestrian center since Oct. 2011. It's been a very enjoyable time. I chose it for the facilities, big airy barn and two large arenas, one of them covered, plus trails and a gorgeous mountain view. But I stayed for the people, especially the owner/trainer/intructor Louise von Clef. She has gone out of her way to help me feel at home here, trained my horse and taught me lessons. I've watched her teach students from beginner to advanced. She is very experianced and knowledgeable and adapts easily to the special needs of every horse and rider. Her stable of lesson horses are well behaved and range from ponies to horses trained for dressage and hunters. If you want to ride in a relaxed and safe environment, this is a good place to come. "
Kathleen Sales

"New testimonial"

"New testimonial"

"Louise von Clef has really helped me reach my goals in training and showing with my horse.
I boarded, trained and showed with Louise for 10 years until I moved out of state. In training she knew how to motivate me to ride better and get to a level of riding that I did not think I could achieve. Her experience and knowledge made it fun and challenging to get to the show ring. In boarding she truly cares about every horses health and well being, regardless of who owns him. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience with Louise as a trainer and would ride under her direction again. Louise, feel like moving to Michigan?"
Cindy Burchette Rzepka

" Hi Louise, I wanted to write a short note to thank you for teaching my children horseback riding lessons. They are having a blast! My children totally love you! I, as a mom want to say I really appreciate how kind and patient you are with my children and how nicely you go about training them the rules of horse back riding. It is clear to see how much you love your job and horses! I definitely would recommend you and your equestrian center to anyone that is looking for an excellent place for children and adults to learn how to ride and that want to have fun. May God bless you and your equestrian center."
Linda Sue Brennen

"For about a year and a half now I have been taking lessons at Mountain Meadow on Squire, one of Louise's school horses. I have made great strides in my riding since I began lessons with Louise. With her instruction and Squire's wonderful personality, more and more I am experiencing those moments of lightness, power, and grace that every dressage rider strives for. I also love the facilities. While the outdoor arena is available for nice days, the covered arena is a wonderful alternative on hot days or evening lessons during the reduced sunlight of winter. I thoroughly enjoy the option to take Squire on short trail rides during our cool down. The scenery is relaxing for me, and I know he enjoys a walk outside of the arena. My riding lessons are truly the highlight of my week. I can't wait for the next one!"
Liz Lovett

"The overall experience that has impacted my life is horseback riding. I’ve been riding since I was 8 years old. I started at a local barn called Chadd’s Ford Equestrian Center my trainer was Louise von Clef. I primarily took lessons until I was 11, then I started helping out with the horses as well as taking lessons, once I got a accustomed to the environment and made friends at the barn, I was there almost every day. Eventually I excelled at riding through Louise’s lessons. Through being at the barn, I was in a position where I had a chance to make friends with other girls at the stables. This helped me to be able to develop socially. I worked to pay for my lessons, and became very close with Louise. Given the chance to ride, in return for working was a great opportunity, which I am very happy I took. I have learnt the value of hard work, and I was becoming a skilled rider. Louise is one woman I really looked up to. Working morning to night and her entire life and looking after the horses and teaching what she had learned her entire life. Eventually this made me want to do the same thing. I worked hard, and very often and I loved every minute of it; The barn gave me friends, and friendship and a place to spend my time. Louise taught me everything I know about horses today. Also she taught me the value of hard work. I am now 19 and going to college next year to become a vet technician and specialize in horses. I could never thank her or the horses enough for what they taught me, because of them I am the person I am today.
Thank you Louise for everything!"
Kristen Hamill

"I have known Louise for over 20 years through lessons and boarding my 2 horses at the Chadds Ford Equestrian Center in Pennsylvania. My horses always received the best care that could possibly be provided. I never had to worry about their safety or care. Coming to Louise after having a bad experience with another instructor and being injured, she really knew what to do and say to rebuild my confidence. I am truly grateful for everything she has taught me over the years. When I had to give up riding due to the birth of my son the best person I could think of to care for my beloved Squire was Louise. Squire remains with Louise today at Mountain Meadow Equestrian Center in Tennessee. I know he will always be taken care of by a wonderful person who truly cares about horse and rider."
Dawn M. George

"I boarded 2 horses for 17 years at Chadds Ford Equestrian Center in Pennsylvania which was managed by Louise von Clef. My horses always received excellent care there. I always had peace of mind that they were well cared for and I never worried about them. Louise has extensive knowledge of all aspects of horsemanship and provided individualized care for each horse and pony at the farm. She was always on top of all aspects of their care from the feeding program to farrier and veterinary visits. Louise is also an excellent instructor. She is very safety conscious and her progressive approach challenges each horse and rider without overfacing them to bring them to their potential.
I strongly recommend people to board and train with Louise at her new facility Mountain Meadow Equestrian Center in Tennessee."
Linda Collini