Riding Instruction

Our main focus is good horsemanship and safety whether you want to ride for competition or for recreation. We teach resident horses and students at all levels- beginner, intermediate, and advanced. We also have ponies and horses available for persons that do not have their own animals or would like to advanced their skills on a different horse from the ones they own. We
teach balanced seat riding so you can become a safe and accomplished rider and be one with your horse. Meet our lesson horses and ponies. Private and group instruction is available. Ship in lessons welcome. Louise will also travel to teach at your farm.

$50.00 per hour for a private lesson
$40.00 per hour for 2 adults (horses).

$40.00 per hour for 2 (ponies).
New clients, Pay for ten private lessons and get a $5 discount for each lesson.- See our coupons.

Everyone is taught at their pace and level. Lessons must be paid in advance after the first lesson. Make up lessons are available if canceled. Must give 24 hours notice to cancel or forfeit lesson.

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Gift certificates available

Part time help in exchange for riding instruction or horse board

Beginner Instruction

We have beginner ponies and horses for both children and adults.   We start children from ages 6 years old and up.   For the beginner you will learn handling the horse from the ground, safety, grooming, equipment, and basic riding.   You ride the same horse every week so you can develop a relationship and have more understanding of your horse or pony's own unique personality. We have riding helmets available for use free of charge and some sizes in ridng boots. No need to purchase equipment.

pony cantering western rider

Intermediate Instruction

Move on to the various skills you need to advance your riding.   Each person is taught as an individual so you can increase your skills at your own comfort level. You can become proficient at everything from going an a trail ride in rough terrain to developing your skills at jumping or dressage. Our horses have years of experiance and training so you can build confidence and feel safe and secure while you learn.

horse trotting horse jumping

Advanced Instruction

Focus on your specialty:   Hunt Seat, Equitation, Balanced Seat, Dressage, Jumper, Pleasure, Western.
We have experienced horses trained in dressage and jumping ready for you to be
challenged with the highly technical aspects of these sports.

horse jumping horse jumping