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Photographs: Hiking

Bay Circuit Trail - Eastern Massachusetts   Bay Circuit home page

Medfield: This was my first section (it's my home town). It took three hikes to complete this stretch.

Walpole: Split between two hikes a month or so apart.

Sherborn: This took three hikes as well. There is a beaver pond on the Ashland side that forced me to quit and come back on another day.

Sharon: Sharon has Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary and Borderland State Park. Another hike split over three days.

Other Trails
Goetz Trail: The Geotz Trail off of Rt 27 in Walpole.

Endean Trail: Walpole - I took this hike for two reasons: I see the trail head from the Forge Park commuter rail and have been wanting to explore it, and it was miscommunicated via some info on the Web that it was a trail head for the Pinnacle Trail. The Pinnacle Trail is actually just 1/2 mile down Plimpton Road. The Endean Trail trailhead is the location of infamous "Dog Rock."

Charles River Link Trail: The Medfield stretch of this trail starts at the base of Hospital Hill and is a junction with the Bay Circuit. It follows the Charles River up toward Dover.

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