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Whispers In the Wind

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Mirror of the Mountainside
The Gila River valley, Gila Wilderness, NM. Photo by Tom Maynard. A Vision Quest is often compared to seeing oneself reflected in the microcosm/ macrocosm of Nature. Mine was in the wilderness of Southwest New Mexico, along the Gila River.

Dedicated to Sparrow, Karen, Doug, Pelle, Gary and Megan, brave adventurers all.

Words and music by Tom Maynard
Tom Maynard: vocal, guitar; Seth Connelly: guitar, bass, percussion

Sitting on the mountainside
And feeling so alone
such distance as the heart abides
But only one of stone
I can run, but I can't hide
No, I can't get away
In each direction I have tried
Something's held me at bay
I'm held at bay
By the walls and water in my way

The mirror of the mountainside
reflecting back the truth inside
There's a love, love waiting for me
There's a love, sweet love setting me free

Sitting by the riverside
And time is standing still
Wondering if I really know myself
And if I ever will
Take away the things I own
The labels I apply
Put me in a place unknown
Beneath the endless sky
The endless sky
Is this emptiness as real as I?


Instrumental break

Overhead a red tail soars
The thermals it will ride
On the slope the mule deer jump
They're lost in a flash of white
As the sun sinks below the ridge
And night is coming on
I'll sit beneath the wheeling stars
and greet tomorrow's dawn
Tomorrow's dawn
Will the darkness bear me 'til the morn?


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