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The following are a list of links to other sites I enjoy or find interesting:

New England Weather - everything NEW! Check out the band's schedule and other goodies...

Mike Delaney's website

Angela Marseglia's website

Summer Acoustic Music week - If you love acoustic music, you will love this summer camp for adults. You don't have to be a musician (or perhaps you are, but don't realize it yet!!)

WUMB, Folk Radio in Boston - Folk and acoustic music 24/7. I've been listening to them since the early eighties. Become a member and support the only station of it's kind! - site for buying CDs from independent artists. My disk, Mike Delaney's disk, 1-800-CONFESS, and Angela Marseglia's disk, Days Gone By, are available here! - Another site for buying CDs from independent artists. Both Kathy Danielson's disk, Walkin', and Mike Delaney's disk, 1-800-CONFESS, are available here!

WUMB Community Calendar - Folk music listings

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