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Whispers In the Wind

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Angel In the Corner
The Angel in the Corner. Art by Tom Maynard. Look! There she is!

Words and music by Tom Maynard

Tom Maynard: vocal, guitar, Celtic low whistle; Seth Connelly: upright bass

There's an angel in the corner
She hides her smile behind her hands
By the look in her eyes as she watches me
I think she understands

She sees through my confusion
Right through my deepest fear
To the longing hidden in my heart
What is cloudy she made clear

For the World had turned my head
Promised more than I could desire
Promised wealth and fame and glory
If I would burn upon Her fire

There are sirens in the swirling smoke
If only I would join their dance
They'd give me every earthly pleasure
They assure me with a glance

I'll send a beam through the darkness
Through the illusion, through the lie
And I will find my heart's unerring path
All I have to do is try

For the World can turn my head
Promise more than I could desire
Promise wealth and fame and glory
If I would burn upon Her fire

I think the angel in the corner
Has been sent to bring me here
To sing me songs of faith's renewal
To allay and sooth my fear

The angel in the corner
Can see me as I am
And with her kind assistance
I envision a new man

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