I write fanfics and poems from time to time, most of my recent work can be found here but

most of the old Transformers G1 and Beast Wars writings can be found on the TF/BW page.

The recent Legion of Superheroes animated fanfic stories are in progress in chapters on my

Fanfiction.net and Deviant art pages but I will put them here as well, soon.



Fan-fiction and other stories

Legion of Superheroes, the animated series:



Catching up - In progress,  new chapter added!


Sentry duty and revelations - In progress


Legion drabbles and snippets - In progress


In the Legion - Coming soon


Legionnaire Lost - Coming soon





Transformers Generation 1:


On silver wings - Coming eventually

Marvel uk comics continuity, a Silverbolt, Divebomb and Swoop story.









They said


The Crossroad


Fly away


So it ends and so it begins





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