Sentry Duty and revelations







Some missions just went randomly to whomever of the heroes that happened to be around at the time,

while other missions were given to selected people. This was a combination of the two.

Lightning Lad happened to be the only one available who had enough experience at that given time.

For this kind of mission you couldnít just send a rookie or two in. It was for security reasons as well, the

United Planet Presidentís chief of security would not accept someone that hadnít been checked according to
drawn out and complex security protocols and whose loyalties hadnít been proven time and again.


Besides, the president knew him in person and would undoubtedly feel more at ease with him than someone she
didn't know. She knew him by his superhero persona but she didnít know his real name: Garth Rannz.
She didnít have to know that.It was enough that the security chief did.


Garth wasnít overly excited about the mission but as always he knew it was his duty and duty was something

he took very seriously. That not so optimistic opinion of the mission was partly because he thought Cosmic Boy
should have tried to pull some strings to send at least one more hero along to begin with.

From past experiences he knew the team in question that would most likely go for the United Planet President wasnít
a bunch of clumsy thugs. No, the LSV were skilled and well co-ordinated while he only had his powers in combination
with the element of surprise and the security guards until another seasoned hero or two could be dispatched from other
big missions to help out.


He had voiced his opinion about the lack of other heroes for the mission to Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl over the
comm. link, Speaking his mind was something he had never hesitated to do over the years. But it had been one of
their usual argumentative discussions and not many aside from the newbies on the team were worried about it.
The trio tended to reconcile in the end most of the time.


A minor unspoken issue he had in addition to the main concern had been that playing the role of a bodyguard to
the President whom was also the mother of a team-mate could also end up getting very awkward.
Or maybe not? Hopefully not.



Chapter Two - On Bgztl

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