Random drabbles and snippets



Part 1


Legion of Superheroes drabbles, set in Season 2.





“You were right Lightning Lad, I should have listened to you”


The recorded message ended and Lightning Lad pushed the repeat button it to listen to it a
few times more, much to Cosmic Boy’s growing frustration.


“Why did you record that?”


Garth smirked at him with a spark in his blue eyes.

“Think of it as a historical moment, a true hallmark of Cosmic Boy quotes, Cos!”


Cosmic Boy touched his forehead, feeling a headache coming on.


This was going to be a very long, long, looong day.



- -



Timber Wolf reached down to carefully put a hand on Lightning Lad's forehead.

He then glanced from his redheaded teammate to Brainy, smirking a bit as he
deduced the following:


"Hmm, he doesn't seem to have a fever and he's not delusional..."


Brainy was now smirking as well, he just couldn't help it.

"Indeed. His brain seems to be functioning within normal parameters. He is
merely taking actual interest in the more advanced theories of space


Garth rolled his eyes at them.

"Are you guys going to be like that every time i read a data pad?”


Brainy and Brin exchanged glances then looked back at the redhead and said in almost
perfect unison: “Yes, Garth!”



- -



Shrinking Violet had no intentions of handling the situation discreetly. No, it was time to make
one thing perfectly clear and she wanted witnesses!


Brainy was in the middle of a scientific rant to Timber Wolf and Lightning Lad when suddenly
Shrinking Violet walked in, marched right up to him, reached up and gave him a very audible
kiss right on the lips!


Brainy was so surprised by this action and startled at first, then not really thinking logically he
reacted and returned the kiss.


It wasn’t until he heard Timber Wolf and Lightning Lad chuckle that he remembered that they
were still there.


“So, Brainy, now do you believe that Violet likes you that way like i said?” Timber Wolf smirked.

He had called it first.






 More to be added soon!