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Greetings and salutations ! I add to these pages as time provides. You can find information on moon magick, which is the use of the moon phases in ritual magick. There is a section on candle magick, which is the use of candles in ritual magick. I also just added a reference section of essential oils and herbs to use in different rituals. Tarot pages coming soon!

Magick Pdf Files

The First Book of Wicca
Book One of Wicca

This is the Gardnerian Book Of Shadows.
Very interesting read, covers topics like casting the circle,
drawing down the moon, different Sabbat rituals and much more. Very in depth,interesting read.

The Gardnerian Book Of Shadows

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Make Your Own Book Of Shadows

Moon Magick

Candle Magick

Essential Oils

Suggested Reading

Make Your Own Book Of Shadows

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