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Candle Magick and Color Correspondences

Candle Magick
A basic magick ritual using candles and the proper color correspondence.

candle magick skull

Candle magick is one of the simplest magickal rituals you can perform. You can make it as simple or complicated as you feel necessary. Most every ritual uses a candle as it helps to invoke the element of fire. The lighting of a candle can also help in focusing the mind.A focused mind equals focused intent.As with any magick ritual or spell, the practitioner should always adopt its practice with there own specific needs in mind .In other words, what might work for me may be a little different for you.

Candle magick can be used to add strength or power to any ritual or spell. You can also use it by itself without getting real extravagant. Simple candle magick can consist of one candle, and its corresponding oil .In most cases the candle used will be allowed to completely burn down in one sitting.

Choosing Your Candle

Each color represents something different. You want to carefully choose the proper color for the work at hand.

If your ever not sure of what color to use, white is always a safe bet.This is also a good color to correspond with any rituals or spell work used on a full moon. A white candle is great for any matters concerning peace, protection, purification, innocence, and truth. This is also a great candle for balance, and destroying negative influences. On a alter the white candle can also represent God/Goddess. This is a great candle for bringing positive energy into your life, contacting spirit helpers, and getting in touch with your higher power.

The black candle is a very powerful candle and should only be used with extreme caution. For the most part the black candle has really received a bad rap. Many people associate this candle with black magick and evil. It can be used for evil purposes and ill intent but it can also be used for good. You want to use this candle when you are warding off evil spirits, ridding yourself of slander, reversing or removing hexes, neutralizing another's magick, and removing or reversing very powerful negative energy. This candle can also be used to bring confusion and discord to enemies, binding negative forces, revenge, and calling forth dark energy.Be very careful on how you use this candle. If used correctly this candle can accomplish much good. If used incorrectly this candle can have disastrous results. I would take into consideration the fact that what you put out will be returned to you many times over. I rarely use this candle.
This is the perfect candle for spell and hex reversals, and the destruction of negative energies. In my humble opinion the gray candle is a better alternative to the black candle. This is more of a candle of neutrality. The perfect balance of both black and white, light and dark. The gray candle can absorb and repel negative energy. This candle can be used to ask universe or mother earth to diffuse the negative energy without all the negative karmic repercussions.
This is a good candle to use for luck,abundance, good fortune, fertility, growth, success and wealth. Excellent for fertility rites, hand fasting and blessing a marriage. Can also be used for successful farming and gardening. Great for anything to do with nature spirits. Be clear on your intent when using this candle for luck, or wealth.
The gold candle is another good candle for prosperity, good luck and financial gain. You can also use this candle for good health, physical and emotional strength, healing and attracting happiness into your life. Also a great candle for most things sun related.
Great candle for meditation. Silver candles are great for anything dealing with moon magick. These candles will help in the removal of negative forces and energies, repels chaos and disaster, and increases psychic abilities. This is also an excellent candle to burn when asking for success, victory, and stability.
This is the ultimate love, passion and romance candle. This is the candle of unconditional love and pure intent on an emotional and spiritual level. This candle is also excellent for spiritual healing, neutralizing hatred, and bringing peace into your life. The pink candle is always used for magick with the purest and highest moral intent.
This is another color that I feel is best to deal with the lighter and brighter shades. The lighter shades of purple are used for healing, empowerment, peace, knowledge, and just about anything dealing with self improvement. Also used for meditation, divination, increasing psychic abilities, spiritual awareness, spiritual protection, and success in most endeavors. Burn with a green candle to increase luck quickly. The darker shades again can be used for hex removal, getting rid of dark energy and evil influences, jinx removal, ending slander, neutralizing another's magick. Purple is a very ambitious color, this candle can be used alone, but works best when used with others to help increase speedy results.
This is the candle of positive energy. Excellent candle for increasing prosperity , stamina, mental agility, and creativity. Helps in gaining control of a situation, increases adaptability and changes luck. This is another color that works great with others or used alone. Orange is a very powerful color for bringing and attracting positive change into your life.
Brown - Earth
The brown candle is aligned with earth energies. This is a great candle to use when working with earth elementals and anything to do with nature. This is also a good candle to attract physical objects, and manifest good health. Helps to remove uncertainty, and hesitation. If used for prosperity it can help to attract money and customers for business. Also a good candle to enhance psychic ability, divination, and intuition.
Yellow - Air
This is a great candle to use for all positive things associated with the mind. Helps to increase confidence, power of persuasion, intellect, knowledge, and charm. Increases mental clarity and good for meditation. Excellent candle for attracting knowledge and positivity into your life.
Blue - Water
The blue candles are very calming. These are great candles for dealing with peace, tranquility, harmony, and helping to transform depression, anger and violence. This is another great candle for meditation and increasing intuition. Blue candles are great for healing, happiness, and bringing positive change into your life. Also great to help keep a lovers loyalty, and protecting those we love.
Red - Fire
The lighter and brighter shades of red candles are great for love spells, and anything dealing with sensuality and sexual potency. This is also a good candle for protection, courage, and strength. The darker shades of red are for hate, dealing with enemies, and psychic battles. Once again I feel its important to remind you that when utilizing the darker colors you must take into consideration the fact that what you put out will be returned to you many times over.

Voodoo Hoodoo Candles

You can also incorporate voodoo or hoodoo candles into your magick work. These candles are great because they come in different shapes like figures of people, couples together, skulls, snakes, mummies and various other shapes and sizes. These can help in visualization of spell work and rituals.

Image Candle
The image candle comes in the shape of a man or woman. These come in a variety of different colors and are used pretty much the same way the above mentioned color correspondences work. The image candle is good to use if you need to visualize a person for the magick work.
Marriage Candle
Molded in the shape of a couple together. These also come in different colors. Used for love spells, break up spells, and to bring peace to a relationship.
Snake Candle
Candle has snakes on it. The snake candles are used to rid evil, break spells , bring luck.
Seven Knob Candle
Works similar to a seven day votive. You carve your intention into each knob and then burn one knob each day. These also come in different colors. Used to remove bothersome people, bring luck, peace, success , help finding a job, end slander. This is pretty much an all purpose type thing that can be used for just about any situation.
Mummy Candle
Looks like an egyptian mummy. Used for uncrossing, removing a jinx, power, success, bindings.
Skull Candle
This is an ominous looking candle in the shape of a human skull. Get rid of problems caused by others, cause problems to enemies, collect money, heal the sick.

I've seen these candles in all different types of shapes. You can find them on ebay, and some in the internet hoodoo and voodoo shops. If your fortunate enough to have a neighborhood pagan or voodoo shop, most will carry these items. These are very powerful candles and should not be abused.

Getting Creative

You can also make your own candles. Not only will this empower your candles with your own energy, you can create them in any shape you want, infuse them with your own magickal blends of essential oils, and make them any size you want. Find some shape molds that fit your needs and incorporate them into your magickal workings.

Things You Don't Want To Do

I feel it is also important to note that you should always try to use the moon phases in any spell work of attraction or removal. Waxing moon when your trying to attract something and waning moon when your trying to remove something. Not only is this good practice but it will also help to further empower your spell work.

What You Want To Do

  1. Focus on your intention.Know what you want to accomplish.
  2. Carefully plan out your ritual or spell work.
  3. Meditate, clear your mind of all obstacles, and relax.
  4. After the ritual or spell work is performed, immediately remove any thoughts of it from your mind. It is now in the hands of Spirit,God,Goddess, further thoughts will only weaken the magick.

Dressing The Candle

Once you have chosen the proper candles, you want to "dress" the candles. This is done by rubbing the outside of the candles with the proper consecrated natural essential oils.If your not sure which oil to use you can alway use olive oil. The focus of this is to place your energy and intent into the candles to be used. A candle that you have meditated over, carved with the desired inscriptions, and blessed will have more power than a candle that you just purchased from a store and slapped down on your alter or workspace. Plus , you're removing any old energies that candle may have picked up from other folks handling it.

You want to take the oil while focusing on your intent and start in the middle. Spread the oil from middle to top if your looking to increase, manifest, or bring things into your life. Then do the same from the bottom to the middle.

If your intent is to remove things, reverse a spell, or cause decrease you again work from the middle to the top and then back down to the middle and then from the middle to the bottom.

The key to this process is the focus of your intent on your desired outcome. The most important part of this step is to visualize your desired outcome, and focus your will and intent on the candles you are working with. When you accomplish this you will eventually manifest the desired reality you have chosen.

Using Your Candles

Once you have dressed your candles and focused your intent on them, it is now time to use them. You can incorporate these candles into your rituals, or simply light one, meditate over it for a little while and then say your spell. To make your magickal work more powerful use the proper moon phase for your ritual. You can also sprinkle your alter or workplace with any special herbs you might be using, power objects, or gems and special stones. Thats about all there is to candle magick. I hope you use this knowledge with pure and good intentions in mind. Good luck and blessings to you friend.

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