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Do you have a story to tell?  If so, this web site can guide you in how to get your story written, edited and published for Free!


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Publishing Your Book for Free

Today's advances in technology and the Internet have revolutionized book publishing. 

Dr. John T. Whiting has authored and published 14 books for FREE in hard cover, paperback and eBook formats using the premium Internet based self publishing services provided by Kindel Direct Publishing ( a division of   Dr. Whiting can help you write and prepare your book's manuscript for publication at no cost to you using the free Kindel Direct Publishing service.


Once you have a book written using Microsoft Word and it is ready to be published, Kindel Direct Publishing provides an easy to follow step by step process that transforms the book manuscript into a format ready to be published as your book.   Kindel Direct Publishing then lists your book on Amaxon and many other book sales outlets for sale.


Kindel Direct Publishing also provides promotional and marketing resources at a nominal cost for those authors who wish to take advantage of these extra services.  You can see Dr. Whiting's books for sale on Kindel Direct Publishing by clicking HERE.


The eBooks published using the Kindel Direct Publishing  process meet eBook format standards that result in your book being automatically available through such notable book sellers world wide including Barnes & Nobel and and iTunes at no cost to the author. The sales outlets collect a fee for every book sold and pays a royalty to you as the author.


Dr. Whiting provides support for those needing assistance in using the Kindel Direct Publishing service.

If you wish to know more complete the Author's Information Form by clicking HERE.


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