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5 Easy Steps to Writing a Book

It is said "anything can be accomplished once you put your mind to doing it".  This is true of writing a book and getting it published.

Once you have decided that you want to write a book, the steps required to complete that goal are relatively easy.  The key steps to book writing success are listed below:

Step #1 - Select a topic that interests you enough to tell about it.  The topic can be anything you decide is important to you including but not necessarily limited to a life experience, a problem you faced and solved, music, art or a sport you enjoy, a trip or event you have taken or attended your opinion about a policy or political issue and so on.  The topic can be anything you wish it to be.

Step #2 - Begin to write about your topic.  The writing of a book should not be thought of in terms of how many pages must be written to complete a book, but by gathering your thoughts about your topic and saving them in a folder.  Try to write a minimum of one page per day or writing session.  Over time a body of your thoughts and ideas about your topic will begin to grow into a document that can be organized and edited.  The collection of information about your topic can be done using paper and pencil, your computer, a tape recorder or the voice recognition technology included with many computer programs that transforms the spoken word into print.

Step #3 - Once a body of information has been collected following several writing sessions, begin the process of organizing your documents into format that will make it more understandable to a reader.  The format can be based on when the events occurred, common topics of interest or any other logical format.

Step #4 - Research potential self publishers that will offer editing support and a process for transforming your document into a form for publication.  These self-publisher are available on the Internet and offer basic services for FREE. 

Step #5 - Select the form your published book will be published in.  The options are generally, hard cover, soft cover and eBook formats.  The publication costs to produce and distribute hard cover and soft cover books can be substantial due to the need to purchase the paper, binding materials, printing ink and other publication related materials, the costs associated with storing the books and shipping them to sales outlets and customers.  Because there are no production, storage or distribution costs associated with the publication of an eBook, this format is rapidly becoming the format of choice for new authors.  The publication of an eBook is also supported by the quality self publishing services and can be utilized FREE of charge.

The book "Write a Book and Become an Author for Fun" provides guidance designed to help overcome the hurdles and challenges associated with writing a book by clicking HERE.

If additional assistance is required to pursue the writing of your book, Dr. Whiting can be contacted and he will provide personalized assistance in addressing any problem associated with the book writing process.  He can be contacted by clicking HERE.

Good luck in your endeavors to share your story with the world and become a published author.  I expect there will be many readers who will enjoy reading your story.

Dr. John T. Whiting


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