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Civil Action

Why I Live In A Shelter In The Woods


How I Found Out That Poor People Have No Access To The Appeals Process


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Click Here to Listen to Judge Brock tell this homeless man to sleep in the street




Dear Judge Kestin,


I filed an appeal of my divorce because I was never legally married to the plaintiff. She was married to another man when she took her vows with me. Judge Brock refused to look at my evidence and responded that I must not love my son. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am doing this to protect my sons trust fund which Judge Brock intended to confiscate to pay the plaintiff’s lawyer (transcript will prove this).  Sorry, children shouldn’t be required to pay for their parents divorce. Her angle was to snatch it away from my child using equitable distribution laws. But since their was no marriage, there can be no equitable distribution. This is why the appeal is so important. During the trial, directly after making it clear that I would not turn over my son’s trust fund without exhausting every possible appeal and using every form of legal resistance, the judge threatened to stop me from parenting my son because I gave him a toy Star Wars blaster . Give me a break. Finally, at one point in the trial, the plaintiff’s lawyer was standing over me as I was sitting. In order to maintain eye contact I was leaning back in my chair. At this point the  judge told me to “Sit up like a big boy”. Then one of her guards struck me from behind (This is all on the transcript and the recording). Now, fearing for my safety, I left the courtroom and they continued the trial without me. The transcripts will proved all of what I just told you. Lt Frank of the Sheriff’s Department took my statement on the officers assault.

It is simply impossible for me to seek parenting time in court, defend my children's trust fund, and have an apartment or even a room. There is just not enough money for printing costs, transcripts and shelter too, so I had to choose. Since I know how to live outside, I choose to seek parenting time and defend my children's financial future over having a home. But to say this lifestyle is my choice is false because no one should have to make a choice like that.


A second reason I live outside is because, during the trial, Judge Brock made the veiled threat of forcing me to move if I dared to live near my son where I could be available to him. She demonstrated her power by reading case law in court that stated she could make me move should I live near my son. But when my son is legally old enough, and he wants to find his father, I am determined that he will be able to walk to me. I am determined that he will know that I never abandoned him, that I never stopped loving him, and that I never stopped being his father. The judge has demonstrated that she can make me homeless but she can not tell me where to be homeless or force me to abandon my child without exhausting every appeal and every form of legal protest. I may be homeless but I am still geographically available to my son as his teacher will tell you. When she calls, I am there for him at a few minutes notice.


I earn between $500 and $1000 per month. In fact, I did indeed earn just under $1000 in the month of March. This works out to about $33 per day if you forget about taxes. Now if food and water cost about $10 per day, and toiletries, non prescription medicine, and paper products including moist towelettes (I have no access to a shower) cost $5 per day, we are now down to $15 left per day. Now I am not permitted to see my son but I am allowed to send him things in the mail so I take advantage of the only legal way the family court system gives me to let my son know that he is loved by his father. My son Jack likes trading cards which cost about $10. This works out to about $2 per day if you include the cost of postage so now we are down to $13 per day left. When I see my daughter, she likes to go to Wendy’s for a burger. We order off the Dollar menu, so that’s about $7 for the both of us. If you average this over the week, it’s about a dollar per day which brings us down to $12 left per day to do everything else I need to do. I do still have a cell phone. I keep this because although I am not allowed to call my son, he is allowed to call me whenever he wishes. This is the only access my 8 year old son has to his father, so I keep the phone. This cost me about $70 + overage charges every month which averages out to about $2 per day. My divorce decree allows me to call my son once a day but there is still a five year old restraining order preventing me from calling the plaintiff. I went to the Rahway police and talked to Lt Grayhill about this contradiction. He advised me not to call my son against the restraining order because if she complained the police would be required to arrest me. I knew the officer was correct because I had previously been jailed by Laura Hook, the Union County Assistant Prosecutor, for giving my son a toy (I was eventually released when the case came before the Honorable Judge Frederick R. McDaniel who decided that giving your children toys is not a crime). So I purchased a camera phone for my son at a cost of $10 which will be his Christmas present and I put him on my plan. This will enable me to call my son with out breaking the 5 year old restraining order. This will actually save me money because my overage charges will go down. So now we are down to $10 per day left to do everything I need to do. $10 per day is simply not enough to pay court fees and purchase transcripts which will cost at least $2000.


I obtain free psychiatric services. The purpose of these services was to get a current certification of my mental health. Exhibit C of the Motion Brief is that certification. I have older certifications that Judge Brock refused to look at. She didn’t look at the new one either. Actually, there is a funny story that goes along with the psychiatrist’s evaluation. What happened is that I went to Trinitas Hospital and asked to be treated by a psychiatrist on a charity care basis. They were kind enough to do this for me and assigned my case to Dr. Jagger. After about five or six sessions with the doctor I revealed my reason for seeking treatment. I asked him for a letter stating that I am not a danger to anyone, that I should be allowed to have unsupervised visitation with my son, and that I am sane. He agreed to write a letter that says I am not a danger and that I should be allowed unsupervised visitation with my son, but he would not agree to state that I was sane. Naturally I asked him why and so he told me it was because I keep on bringing my grievances to the court with the expectation of receiving justice. I thought this was hilarious and so I busted out laughing. When I finally stopped and wiped the tears from my eyes, I looked over at him. His face was dead serious. He wasn't joking. It's going to be a great scene when they make a movie out of this adventure.


This is my shelter. Previously I had been living in my car, now repossessed.


Inside it is quite comfortable




Here I am preparing a dish of ceviche, fish marinated in lime juice,

for one of my hobo friends who purchased the ingredients. This is a great

recipe for hobos because you don’t need a stove or even a fire. The only other

thing you need (not shown) is salt. 



The special bottle keeps the juice on the fish and off the tent.

This is a Hobo Trick for Hobo’s who don’t have automatic juicers. Just let the

mixture marinate for about 15 minutes and it is ready to eat. Drizzle olive oil

over each portion before serving if you like.



All these pictures,  will be going into a book called a Hobo’s Guide to Family Law. The book will be a light hearted guide for surviving when a broken Family Court System, subverted by a Domestic Violence Movement turned Domestic Violence Industry, takes your children, puts you in jail, and makes you homeless. Chapters will include: 1 . The Union County Hotel - Passing Jail Time Pleasantly, 2 .It’s A Woman’s Game – How Women Exploit The Domestic Violence Machine, 3. The Machine Is Alive – How The Domestic Violence Machine Exploits Women, 4. The Well Dressed Hobo – Improvising Clothing and Equipment, 5. Hobo Decoration – How To Camouflage Your Shelter, and 6. Hobojitsu – Self Defense For Hobos. This last chapter will show the proper way to lay down while receiving a Chocolate Raspberry Body Scrub. This is the position men are expected to assume in reaction any to danger. Any other reaction will result in the courts branding you as an anger management problem. Once that happens, drug addicts and pedophiles will have a better chance of gaining parenting time than the stupefied hobo. While this position is quite effective in helping men avoid getting their body parts caught in the domestic violence machine, many men who have been drilled in this technique have lost their ability to respond as normal men in other dangerous situations. This explains why thousands of men in New Orleans sat there and watched hurricane Katrina on TV until it finally came through their windows and drowned them. Hey, when your own government leaves you to die you need to do something. Yeah I know, there weren’t enough busses to get all the people out, but it never even occurred to these men that they could lead their families out of their homes, walk 20 miles to higher ground, and save their own lives. They had no idea they might be safer in the forest than in some football stadium stewing in their own excrement and dying of dysentery. Living in the forest may seem odd to you, but waiting in your apartment until Judge Brock forces you to move away from your child makes no more sense than waiting to see if a hurricane will come through your window.  The point is that the same drives and impulses that would make me effective in a natural disaster are the very same drives and impulses that are causing me to live in the woods now. The Family Court System is a natural disaster, and I am responding to it.


In conclusion, for the reasons stated above I certify that I am indigent and I respectfully request that you grant my motion and allow me to abbreviate the transcripts.


Thank you for your consideration,



John R Shearing


Finally, please let this letter serve as my sworn certification that everything in this letter is true and that everything that you have received from me to date including this correspondence and its attachments have also been sent to Mr. Duff  (Attorney for the plaintiff) at 217 Main St. Woodbridge, NJ 07095 and that I understand that if anything in this letter is knowingly false then I am subject to prosecution.


John R Shearing


This motion was denied and I was required to borrow $10,000 from friends to pay for transcripts of false court proceedings before I could to file my appeal.

This how I found out that people who have been financially ruined in the courts, have no access to the appeals process.

This is why I believe that the audio of all public trials should be published on the Internet.