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Publisher: Angell Wright
Treasurer: Ken Bono (337) 598-4497
Hebert Summer Place: Kathleen Stringer
Ismay Harbor: Rachael Abadie
Along the Lake: Janelle Perrin
Pelican Point: Valarie Precht

If you have any news or pictures for us, please e-mail to: Angell Wright

UPDATE!!    2006 Crab Festival Photos

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Isn't it great to see all the new construction and everyone fixing up their places after the big storm? We will be bigger and better than ever. Doesn't that sound like a LSU Tiger talking?

This issue, through the work of THE BIG LAKE LINK Staff, represents the best and most complete status report possible. It should give us all a boost and special pride in this great community. Thank you, one and all for your work.

We thank FEMA for all of their help and clean-ups. I guess they are still trying to get those last few.

Bill and I are down as much as we can be and our daughter, Mary Taussig and husband, Ed and their two boys, Edward and Will will be enjoying the holiday at our family camp.

Stringer's Newsline

Eye Of Newt
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