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Harbor News

By: Rachel Abadie

Ismay Harbor residents have been enjoying their spring and summer at the lake!

We are all very grateful to Mr. Arnie Natalie for cleaning up the canals and fixing the boat stalls. Everyone has been working hard getting their places into condition for fun times this summer.

Mrs Renee Terrell gathered many of her Big Lake friends at her new house in Lake Charles for a Super Bowl party. She plans on getting us all together again at her house on the lake for the Fourth of July. We are all looking forward to our usual fun time and a visit from Elvis!

Mary Lou and Payton Covington have their place fully restored and are joining Renee in hosting the July Fourth celebration. An elevator is one of the fine new additions to their home.

Dr. Vince Bailey and his wife Ann have bought Sonny Briggs' house and have already made many trips from Jennings to enjoy time at the lake.

Pat & Elizabeth have become very successful crabbers in Big Lake. They were generous enough to host a crab boil at the end of their wharf. Several of us from Harbor, Hebert's and the Point were fortunate to be in the hood at the time and enjoyed food and fun.

The Solari and Breaux families have their camp in action. They've been entertaining friends on the weekends. Tom Solari is excited to have his cousin joining us in Ismay Harbor.

Rick and Jennifer Solari have bought Mike Prior's camp. They are looking forward to enjoying time at the lake with their two daughters Grace (age 10) and Anna (age 12). The Prior's aren't moving out of Big Lake - just out of the Harbor. They have bought a lot in Hebert's where Dr. McCauley had his camp.

Rachel had many of the Big Lake ladies join her on her newly restored screen porch to celebrate Sheila's marriage to Jerry Goos. The other motive for the party was to protest the guys' Big Lake Mistake at the Point. Karen Holston and her gang later crashed the party at the Mistake on their mobile ice chests.

Brennan Abadie and Kyle Priola have been enjoying fishing from the seawall in the Harbor. They were even able to convince Valarie to fry up their croaker catches and have them for dinner. Pat and Debra Manuel had a crew of family members enjoying their camp during the Easter holidays. They fished, crabbed, and broke in the new golf cart. Their granddaughter, Laura Kate, learned to walk as her dad, Ed chased her around Rachel's garden!

David and Darlene Wallace are really enjoying their new camp and Darlene and friends can be seen biking through the hood. Have fun, guys!

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