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Well, as we all hurt from the soaring gas prices, the taxidermy industry is not immune. Unfortunately we will be forced to raise our prices as well. I will do my best to minimize the increase.



Sorry for the long delay in updating the site. My computer crashed and everything was lost. I FINALLY found my backup copy so we could get things going.

Also, my mother was having some chest pain, She had a couple arteries blocked at 85% and 90%. When they were stinting her they had to stop mid procedure to investigate a "spot" on her lung. Our worst fears were realized when she was diognosed with lung cancer. They did do the stints in her heart 2 days later. Then she returned to the hospital 1 month later to have the bottom 3rd of her right lung removed. They said they got all of the cancer but it will likely reoccur. So right now we are thanking GOD and all of you for your prayers that things are ok right now.


Due to new regulations concerning CWD (Chronic Waste Disease) A-Typical Taxidermy is unable to accept any animals from a state that has a reported case of CWD. These states include, but not limited to, Colorado, Illinois, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming. If you are going on a hunting expedition, please inquire with your guide or state wildlife department concerning importation of your game into the state of North Carolina.


Wow, It has really been hectic lately. I volunteered to help out in the Surry mini course in Dobson NC. Formerly the Piedmont mini course in Roxboro. The nation wide event out grew the Roxboro facilities so Surry Community College took it over with great success. Over the three day event there was many seminars featuring world class taxidermist teaching "Tricks of the trade" to anyone that signed up. I managed to sit in on five different seminars. I learned so much, it's a good thing I taped them so I can make sure I didn't miss anything.

I entered my skunk into competition. It was the second piece I ever did. I am VERY PROUD to walk away with 2nd place. I have updated the picture gallery to show him and the ribbon. Things should be getting back to normal now.


Be active, you can bet that PETA and ANTI-GUN People are, Make a difference