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1)  A-Typical Taxidermy requires 50% deposit on all mounts and or Taxidermy work performed by A-Typical Taxidermy.


2) No work will be performed by A-Typical Taxidermy until the 

     deposit has been made.

3) Must allow 3 months (minimum) from the date that your item was   received at A-Typical Taxidermy for work to be completed.

4) Once work begins on item there will be no refunds allowed.

5) If items are not picked up with-in the 30 day agreement. All items become the sole property of A-Typical Taxidermy.

6) All deposits will be forfeited And A-Typical Taxidermy has all rights to dispose of items at their discretion.

7) Some items may be un-mountable, A-Typical Taxidermy will contact you ASAP upon finding such problems.

8)  Items must be paid in full and picked up with-in 30 days of being contacted by A-Typical Taxidermy of the completion of your item.

9) Payment; At this time we only accept cash or check. Final payment MUST be paid in cash. A $40.00 fee will be charged for any check returned.

A-Typical Taxidermy reserves the right to take any photos of your item to use as referral photos for future work.

These policies are subject to change without notice.

 2004-2005 A-Typical Taxidermy.