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" Adventure from heaven to paradise in Bycicle "

7days /6 nights.

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Route: Cuzco to Puerto Maldonado, including Ocongate, Huallahualla, Marcapata, Quincemil, Mazuco, Tambopata Reserve Zone, Bahuaja Sonene National Park, Macaw clay lick and Lake Sandoval. From 4,800 metres above sea level to 300 metres.

Approximate Distance: 165km by mountain bike, 35km rafting, 90km by boat and 200km by private bus.

Level: 3, altitude  4950 to 300 masl. 7 Days 6 Nights

Includes: Bilingual guides, bikes, food, lodging and private transportation available April to Octuber

Minimun size 6 pax.

Day 1: Cuzco-Ocongate-Huallahualla-Marcapata. You will leave Cuzco early in the morning by private transportation (bus) and travel for approx. 5 hours through remote Andean scenery and picturesque villages, such as Ocongate and Tinqui. You will stop amongst the snow capped peaks at Huallahualla, 4,950 metres above sea level to begin the amazing descent through the clouds by bike. Surrounded by mountains in this remote and beautiful place you can see glaciers, the snowy peak of Mt Ausongate (the highest in southern Peru), lakes and streams and unique Andean wildlife.

As you descend along the track you will pass herds of llama and alpacas. The lifestyle of the Andean people here has hardly changed for centuries. The days spectacular and steep descent takes about 3 hours. Waiting for you is the welcoming village of Marcapata, at 3,400 metres above sea level. This mountain village has fantastic views, an important ancient church and fabulous hot springs. You will stay the night in Marcapata and can take a well earned bath in the rejuvinating hot water.


Day 2: Marcapata-Quincemil.From Marcapata you will continue the descent on mountain bike into the Andeanjunio11.jpg (6400 bytes) cloud forest. A mysterious prehistoric landscape of moss covered trees shrouded in mist. There are many beautiful flowers and birds here and the vegetation and climate becomes more tropical as the day progresses. The route passes crashing mountain streams and spectacular waterfalls hundreds of metres high, some of which you will cycle through. There are no villages on the way, only isolated dwellings. At sunset you will travel the remaining distance to the small settlement of Quincemil (650 metres above sea level), where you will stay the night in the municipal building.

The duration of this section is approx. 8 hours (5 hours by bike, 2 by bus).


Day 3: Quincemil-Mazuco.The descent continues at a more gentle rate from the gold mining settlement of Quincemil. The landscape and climate here are most definately tropical. The route crosses fast flowing rivers and crystal clear pools of exceptional beauty, such as Huajiumbre and the Nususinicato and Inambari rivers, where you can take a refreshing swim, enjoy the sun and snorkel. This section of the journey can also be completed by rafting down the river (class 2 plus rapids).

This is a remote and wild landscape with some wonderful views of rivers, forests and mountains. You can also see some of the abundant wildlife, particularly the beautiful butterflies and birds. The final part of the days journey to Mazuco is completed by bus. You will stay the night at a hotel in this small gold mining settlement in the rainforest.


Day 4: Mazuco-Sta Rosa-Wasai Tambopata Jungle Lodge. You will be transported by bus through the remaining foothills before the final descent into the ocean of tropical lowland rainforest. You will travel approximately 100 km before walking/mountain biking into the rainforest on a path used by the local community. This path will take you 15km through the amazing tropical forest of the Tambopata-Candamo Reserve Zone to the Wasai Tambopata Lodge. You will cycle past huge trees covered in vines and experience the unique sights, sounds and smells of the jungle. You will also see the typical rainforest community of Baltimore. You will be welcomed with a refreshing drink.


Day 5: Wasai Tambopata Jungle Lodge. Wasai Tambopata Lodge is a beautiful and tranquil place in the rainforest on the banks of the Tambopata river. You can relax, go fishing or swimming in a waterfall or go in search of the flora and fauna that Tambopata is famous for, such as monkeys, jaguars, tapir, parrots and crocodiles. Wasai lodge has over 20km of trails.


Day 6: Wasai Lodge-Bahuaja Sonene National Park-Lake Sandoval-Pto Maldonado. At sunrise you will travel by boat into the Bahuaja Sonene National Park to see the macaw clay lick, one of the highlights of a trip to Tambopata. You will return for breakfast and then leave the Lodge and travel down the Tambopata river by boat to the Madre de Dios river. From here you will walk 5km through the forest looking for wildlife before reaching the exceptionally beautiful Sandoval Lake. Here your guide will paddle you around the lake in a wooden canoe to see the abundant wildlife, such as Giant River Otters, and you can fish for Piranha as the sun sets. You will complete the days tour with a night walk back through the jungle before arriving at Wasai Maldonado Lodge in Puerto Maldonado, where you will stay the night. You will celebrate your journeys end with a special dinner.


Day 7: Puerto Maldonado-Airport

Breakfast and transfer to Puerto Maldonado airport.


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