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Biking in Peru / Book Cover


  Por los Caminos del Peru en Bicicleta
Mountain-Biking Tours in Peru


Content: "Por los Caminos del Perœ en Bicicleta" contains descriptions of 10 of the most beautiful mountainbike-tours in different regions in Perú and Bolivia. The detailed tour-descriptions are accompanied by a section with technical details on how to get to and from the tours, grade of difficulty, weather conditions etc.

For each tour, the book contains an excellent selections of pictures taken at the various tours.

Tour descriptions: Lima - Tarma, Paracas, Ayacucho (por la ruta de La Paz), Cora Cora - Chala, Cañon del Colca - Valle de los Volcanes, Nasca - Cusco, Ausangate, Calca - Lares - Quillabamba, Cusco - Puerto Maldonado, Bolivia: Copacabana - La Paz - Coroico - Salar de Uyuni
Details: Price: 25 Soles, 102 pages
ISBN: 98-0565
Author: Omar Zarzar Casis
Editor: Ricardo Espinosa "El Caminante"
Serie: "Guías del Caminante"
(c) Editur S.A. 1998

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