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Military Supplies

Pick up these helpful items whenever possible. Some items take effect when picked up. You must select and use other items before taking effect.

Shells Cells Bullets Grenades Rockets

Ammo: There are five major ammo types: shells, cells, bullets, grenades, and rockets. Except for the blaster, you must have ammunition to use a weapon. Each ammo type has a maximum you can carry.

Flak Jacket   Combat Suit   Body Armor

Armor: There are three armor types: Flak Jacket, Combat Suit, and Body Armor. Each one provides a certain amount of protection against both normal attacks and energy weapon attacks. If you take enough hits, your armor strength depletes down to nothing. So seek out unused breast plates. Pick up and salvage armor that is not as good as your current armor to improve your armor health.

Armor Shards: Special remnant of armors, which add a bit more durability to your existing protection.   Energy Armor: This provides improved protection against energy weapons. While it is being used, it drains energy from your cells when damaged.   Silencer: This silences the discharge of any weapon.
           First Aid                           Medkit
: There are two types of standard health kits: First Aid and Medkits
  Stimpacks: These provide an additional boost to your health.
Bandoleer: Increases your carrying capacity for all ammunition except grenades and rockets.   Heavy Pack: This allows you to carry more ammo on your back.   Underwater Breather: This provides oxygen when submerged in liquids.
Enviro-Suit: This protects you against damage from hazardous liquids, such as Slime.   Quad Damage: The quad temporarily multiplies all your weapon’s strengths by four times. Let the gibbing begin!   Mega-Health: This provides a temporary but significant boost to your health. This will wear off after a minute or so.
Invulnerability: The invulnerability item renders you temporarily indestructible.   Super-Adrenaline: This slightly increases your health permanently.